Style : American-Style Lager
Location : El Salvador
Brewery : La Constancia

Facts about Regia Extra

Regia Extra * Pilsener - El Salvador * Golden Light Most Popular Side-by-Sides for El Salvador Beer * 5 Craft Beers That Won't Break
Regia Extra Twist: 1 ball #09350 White (B) 1 ball #09353 Hot Red 1 ball #09361 Black(D) NOTE: These colors of Regia 4-Ply could be substituted instead: 1 ball #02080 White (B) 1 ball #02054 Red 1 ball #02066 Black(D) KNITTING NEEDLES
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Regia Extra Twist Merino Used stash yarn: 3 skeins 1 The Unique Sheep Foot Prints "Caradhras", 1 The Unique Sheep Marici "Blushing Bride", 1 Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Used new yarn: 3 skeins 3 Regia Extra Twist Merino Summary: +3 skeins in stashlink (no comments) ... Sag was dazu Alpha Bravo Charlie - Monday Meeting #8Luinwen, 30.
Regia Extra Twist Merino (230 yds / 210 m per 1 ¾ oz / 50 g ball; 75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Polyamide): 1 ball in #09360 Brown 1 ball in #09358 Gray One ball of each color will make two pairs of mittens in either size Needles & Notions:
Regia Extra, Smooth Lager Beer beer label Regia Extra Smooth Lager Beer Cerveceria La Constancia Six-Packs (click to enlarge) Cerveceria La Constancia Pilsener Lager Bier beer label Pilsener Lager Bier Cerveceria La Constancia Suprema beer label Suprema Copyright
Regia Extra Twist Merino Regia Kids Regia Silk Regia Softy Rejuvenation Rhythm Superwash Serendipity Tweed Shenandoah Shepherd's Wool Shepherd's Wool Fingering Silk Twist Silky Wool Smooshy Smoothie Socka Reinforcing Thread Socrates Soft Baby Steps Soft Yarn Soxx
Regia Extra Twist Merino solid colour 4 ply sock knitting yarn Regia Extra Twist Merino solid colour 4 ply sock knitting yarn a premium solid colour 4 ply sock knitting yarn with a multi-strand construction for the perfect fit and shape * Regia Stretch self-patterning 4 ply sock knitting yarn Regia Stretch self-patterning
Regia Extra, * Barrilito, * Miller Genuine Draft Soft drinks * Coca-Cola logo * Fanta logo * Sprite logo History 1906 Rafael Meza Ayau y Compañía begins operations in Santa Ana. 1928 The company moves to the capital, San Salvador.