Style : English-Style Summer Ale
Location : United Kingdom - London
Brewery : Fullers

Facts about Refreshing Summer Ale

refreshing summer ale with a hint of Aloe Vera. To me Aloe Vera juice is very strong in flavor so I only went with 1 cup for a 5 gallon batch.
refreshing Summer Ale, which goes down easy and serves as a welcoming respite from the heat in the summer.
refreshing summer ale is 4.5% ABV in bottle. The addition of the choicest English wheat malt perfectly complements the use of Styrian Goldings hops.
refreshing summer ale with a hint of fruit, spice, and floral characteristics.
refreshing summer ale and HOG brewmeister Matt Bollerman provided several delicious varieties of home brew. The now infamous Tom Stock provided garlic information, crafts, and entertaining garlic theatre.
refreshing summer ale to reach for on a 90+ degree day, but I’ve also had better beers for that too. Not bad, but not good.
refreshing summer ale perfect for Australian summers. Sure to please.
refreshing Summer Ale in cans – perfect for a camping trip or a day at the beach.
refreshing summer ale that defies its strength with an abundance of citrus flavours and zesty overtones Champflower Cottage Brewing Company 4.
refreshing summer ale, one that would make a great complement to food fresh off the grill at a backyard cookout.
refreshing summer ale with the mild sweetness of honey.
refreshing summer ale! Beer of the Festival, 2008 from Severn Vale. Stroud Budding (Stroud, Glos) ABV 4.
refreshing summer ale! It goes down very smoothly and hey, there's always that fresh fruit to complete your daily nutritional requirements! Serving type: on-tap Reviewed on: 08-13-2006 23:47:36 @ Salem Beer Works, 278 Derby Street,
refreshing summer ale has a crisp bright beginning balanced by a sweet malty character.
refreshing Summer Ale - now available on tap at Villager. We open till 1:00am on Thursday and Friday. ... MORE INFORMATION RATES . . .
refreshing Summer Ale is anything like it, we'll be in for a treat.
refreshing summer ale with a sweet peach taste that is offset just enough by the hop bitterness.