Style : American-Style Amber/Red Ale
Location : United States - New York
Brewery : Heartland (Union Square)

Facts about Red Rooster Ale

Red Rooster Ale and their apple cider for that little extra bite (pun intended).
Red Rooster Ale: a flavourful red ale with the addition of American Munich and crystal malts. Medium bitterness with a balanced aroma of malt.
Red Rooster Ale and Petaluma Strong Ale since 1991 — Dempsey's holds a special place in locals' hearts.
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Red Rooster Ale 64oz (Heartland Brewery, NYC) Red Rooster Ale 64oz (Heartland Brewery, NYC) * Order: Reorder * Duration: 9:55 * Published: 29 Dec 2009 * Uploaded: 07 Jun 2011 * Author: Bruz40 This is not an attempt to drink 64oz in 10 mins. httphttp://wn.
Red Rooster Ale 64oz (Heartland Brewery, NYC)9:55 Add to Red Rooster Ale 64oz (Heartland Brewery, NYC)by Bruz40 1,872 views * Drinking a 12oz Mickeys & eating meatloaf pizza (Happy New Year, part 2)9:01 Add to Drinking a 12oz Mickeys & eating meatloaf pizza (Happy New Year, part 2)by Bruz40 3,997 views * 40oz JVIZ Revenge and Dubstep Fam9:29 Add to 40oz JVIZ Revenge and Dubstep Famby JungleVisionary 308 views * Colt 45 40oz, first snow of the season. Dog loves it8:32 Add to Colt 45 40oz, first snow of the season.
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Red Rooster Ale " which was a wonderful..." ... "My favorite dish is the Pork Chop - fantastic." Tips on Tables, Famous Nightclubs Restaurants, Retro New York ...
Red Rooster Ale and Riptide Porter—courtesy of the giant brew kettles adjacent to the lounge. Most Expensive Entrée: 18-oz.
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Red Rooster Ale, but Golden Sunshine Ale was m... voiceplaces.
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"Red Rooster Ale," which was very good, albeit a little heavy for my personal taste.
Red Rooster Ale Farmer Jon s Oatmeal Stout and seasonal brews * Daisy May s BBQ USA - Restaurant specializing in take out barbeque
"Red Rooster Ale" while Leanne had a honey based beer. They also brew their own soft drinks (or soda I should say) and the kids filled up on Orange Cream.
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Red Rooster Ale - good red but again light in taste Farmer Jon's Oatmeal Stout - not Guinness but good.
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red rooster ale - waiting for friends visiting the Empire State Bldg ... Andy Rubacky. Happy New Year Buddy!! Great words above...
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Red Rooster Ale, Natural Blonde, and Big Ol' Punkin Head.
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Red Rooster Ale American-Style Amber/Red Ale United States - New York 4643 16 2003-01-22 Heartland (Union Square) Harvest Wheat Beer Light American Wheat Beer with Yeast United States - New York 4642 12 2003-01-22
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