Style : Scottish-Style Export Ale
Location : United Kingdom - Scotland
Brewery : Orkney

Facts about Red MacGregor

Red Macgregor * Dark Star Espresso The Beer Boutique is a store in South West London (SW15) also selling craft beer online.
RED MACGREGOR Product name RED MACGREGOR Description The Red MacGregor is named after the Brewery founder’s association with the MacGregor Clan.
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Red MacGregor, was a famous Scottish folk hero and outlaw of the early 18th century, who is sometimes known as the Scottish Robin Hood.
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Red MacGregor 02/27/12 - 12:00 AM 2 Shiner Bohemian Black Lager (Shiner 97) 02/26/12 - 12:04 AM 1 Tilburgs Dutch Brown Ale 02/25/12 - 12:05 AM 2 Coisbo 5th Avenue 02/24/12 - 12:09 AM 1 Firestone Walker California Pale Ale 02/23/12 - 12:05 AM 1 Ratskrone Premium Pils 02/22/12 - 12:00 AM 2 Coisbo Urban Haze 02/21/12 - 12:07 AM 1 Dundee Original Honey Brown Lager 02/20/12 - 12:06 AM 2 Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat 02/19/12 - 12:00 AM 9 Shiner Bock 02/18/12 - 12:05 AM 1 Shiner Kosmos Reserve 02/17/12
red MacGregor kilts has clothed hundreds of pipers and drummers through the years, according to Joe Leonard.
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Red MacGregor Real Ale in Quoyloo Orkney - Red MacGregor Ruby - 4% It is a hoppy, pleasantly bitter, red-coloured session beer with smoothness that belies its
Red MacGregor Orkney Ale Unibroue La Fin du Monde A full list of Domestic Beer is also available.
Red MacGregor amber ale for £18.50. Red MacGregor, Amber Ale This will be served alongside the rest of our dinner menu.
Red MacGregor and SkullSplitter in stock. Some bright spark suggested that the hotel could only be at most half a mile away.
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Red MacGregor (Orkney Brewery, Quoyloo, Orkney) Golden Goose (Loch Leven Brewery, Loch Leven, Fife) Blaven (Isle of Skye Brewery, Uig, Isle of Skye) Red Squirrel (Arran Brewery, Isle of Arran) Selected Ales (Fyne Ales Brewery, Loch Fyne) Selected Ales (Angus Ales
Red MacGregor - An outstanding mid gravity beer which has a generous hoppy nose and a wonderful flowery hop flavour with a smooth malty finish.
Red MacGregor (Kindle Edition - 2 Feb 2012) Buy: £0.77 Available for download nowKindle Store: See all items 8.
Red MacGregor, Orkney Brewing is a fairly new brewing company located in the Orkney Islands of Scotland that draws on the region's rich brewing heritage to produce some of