Style : American-Style Amber/Red Ale
Location : United States - California
Brewery : Redondo Beach

Facts about Rat Beach Red

Rat Beach Red possesses a sweet bitterness that
Rat Beach Red Ale = Score 59 74 OVERALL Style Brewed by Manhattan Beach Brewing Style: Amber Ale Manhattan Beach, California USAServe in English pint, Shaker bottling unknown on tap unknown distribution
Rat Beach Red Ale Beer Profile Beer Stats Brewed by: Manhattan Beach Brewing Manhattan Beach, CA, USA Style: Amber Ale Abv: unknown Last updated on 4/15/2006 4:38:43 PM Discuss this beer in the Forum Score: 3 Based on 1 Reviews Style Rank 592 / 871
RAT Beach Red stand for Redondo And Torrance.
RAT Beach Red least (had a bit of a butyric aroma and flavor that was very pronounced.) * No_photo_small July 16, 2011 Likes it Phone.
Rat Beach Red is servicable, and Marzen Lager is surprisingly right on target.
Rat Beach Red Ale /Manhattan Beach Brewing, usa Manneke Pis /Br Cantillon, Bel Manneke Pis /br Lefebvre, Bel Manneke Pis Bier /Br Crombe, Bel Manns Original Brown Ale /Ushers, GB Manou des
Rat Beach Red Russ says:This beer was on draft, served in a pilsner glass. It poured a nice dark amber color but with surprisingly little head.
Rat Beach Red and Winter Ale were the best. The place was pretty nice inside and the bartenders were friendly.
Rat Beach Red named after the popular south bay surf break, this amber ale is full-bodied with a gentle, fruity undertone.
Rat Beach RedAmerican-Style Amber/Red Ale * Date: February 9, 1996 (#1250)Package: draughtPlace: at the breweryScore: 13½ pointsOverall Impression Amber-red, good head. Crystal-malty.
Rat Beach Red /Redondo Beach Brewing, usa Redondo Beach South Bay /Redondo Beach Brewing, usa Redor Pils /Br Dupont, Bel Redstone Ale /Sunday River Brewing co, usa Reets Brooikens Bier /-1994, Br Lefebvre, Bel Reflets de France Biere Blonde sur Lie d'Alsace /Bras Schutzenberger, Fra Regal Christmas /Br Bocq, Bel Regard /-1991, Br La Binchoise, Bel Regenboog Dubbel /-1994, Br het Kuipertje, Hol Regenboog Tripel /-1994, Br het Kuipertje, Hol Regent 10% /Pivovar Trebon, Tjech Regent 12% /Pivovar Trebon, Tjech Regenten Pils /Linden Brauerei, Dld Regia Dort Type /Br Dupont, Bel Regia Extra /Cerveceria La Constancia, El Salvador Reichelbrau Edel Herb Pils /Reichelbrau, ? Reinaert Bier /Br Bios, Bel Reinaert Amber /Proefbrouwerij Andelot, Bel Reinaert Grand Cru /Proefbrouwerij Andelot, Bel Reinaert Tripel /Br Bios, Bel Reinaert Tripel /Proefbrouwerij Andelot, Bel Reinbrau Luxe Typ /-1991,Anglo Belge Br Alken Maes , Bel Reinbrau Super Luxe Typ /-1991,Anglo Belge Br Alken Maes, Bel Reininghaus Pils /Reininghaus Brauerei, Oost Reininghaus Leigt /Reininghaus Brauerei, Oost Reininghaus Marzen/Reininghaus Brauerei, Oost Reininghaus Malz /Reininghaus Brauerei, Oost Reiscoupe /-1991, Maaslandse Brouwerij, Hol Reissdorf Kolsch /Privatebrauerei Heinr Reissdorf, Dld Relais Delbeccha Blond /-1993, Gesloten Brouwerij Delbeccha in 1993, Bel Relais Delbeccha Bruin /-1993, Gesloten Brouwerij Delbeccha in 1993, Bel Relais Delbeccha Kriek
Rat Beach Red Updated Jan 31, 2003 Address: 124 Manhattan Beach Boulevard Phone: 310-798-2744 Was this review helpful? Manhattan Beach Brewery frankcanfly profile photo frankcanfly 2603 reviews Yubert, G, Stephanie & me 1 more image Manhattan Beach
Rat Beach Red American-Style Amber/Red Ale South Bay Bitter (Special) Best Bitter Tell Us Whats on Tap! Well, there are no photos yet, so how about the weather near Redondo Beach Brewing instead...
Rat Beach Red the night Gagne's streak was broken, as I have sipped on beers there many, many, many a night. many 2006-12-09 18:36:30335.
Rat Beach Red Ale American-Style Amber/Red Ale United States - California 1867 15½ 1996-10-03 Nevada City Golden Lager American-Style Lager United States - California 735 11 1995-01-27 Green Flash Trippel Belgian-Style Tripel United States - California 7455 20 2008-10-11 HopTown Copper Wheat Dark American Wheat Beer with Yeast United States - California 2172 13½ 1997-09-04 Butterfield #1 Dunkelweizen