Style : Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout
Location : United States - Colorado
Brewery : Hubcap (Vail)

Facts about Rainbow Trout Stout

Rainbow Trout Stout, at least, I liked the sample, they ran out of Rainbow Trout Stout, so they did not have enough to give me a whole pint, but I
Rainbow Trout StoutClassic Irish-Style Dry Stout * Date: October 7, 1996 (#1876)Package: bottledPlace: Willman's Bottle Market, Grand Island NEScore: 15½ pointsOverall Impression Black, huge brown head. Coffee aroma. Pretty roasty...
Rainbow Trout Stout
Rainbow Trout Stout 10 lbs American 2-row malted barley 0.75 lb roasted barley 0.5 lb chocolate malt 0.5 lb 60L crystal malt 0.
Rainbow Trout StoutSweet StoutAwards: * Silver Medal, 1992 Great American Beer Festival * Date: October 12, 1997 (#2297)Package: draughtPlace: at the
Rainbow Trout Stout *Hub City Brown Hue Beer (Vietnam) Huebert’s Old Tyme Lager Humboldt Hemp Ale *Humpback Honey Wheat Hunter’s Gold Hyland’s American Pale Hyland’s Sturbridge Amber *I.C.
Rainbow Trout Stout /Heavenly Daze Brewery and Grill, usa Heavenly Daze Steamboat Scottish Ale /Heavenly Daze Brewery and Grill, usa Heavyweight Perkuno's Hammer Imperial Porter /Heavyweight Brewing, usa Heckelmann Kuhn Bier /Hecklelman und Kuhn Brauerei, Dld