Style : Specialty Beer
Location : United States - Illinois
Brewery : Flossmoor Station

Facts about Pullman Nut Brown Ale

PULLMAN NUT BROWN ALE Great American Beer Festival – Bronze Medal, 1997; Silver Medal, 1998; Bronze Medal, 2000; Silver Medal, 2002; Bronze Medal, 2005; Silver Medal, 2006; Bronze 2010
Pullman Nut Brown Ale, a blend of seven kinds of malt and three types of hops-a beer that tastes as good as it smells.
Pullman Nut Brown Ale Flossmoor Station Brewing Co.
Pullman Nut Brown Ale and the hearty Iron Horse Stout. The food includes beer-batter onion rings and "Beer-B-Q Ribs & Chicks," a half-slab of ribs and char-grilled chicken breast.
Pullman Nut Brown Ale is a regularly-featured tap selection.
Pullman Nut Brown Ale is one of their standbys and it’s very good, even though it’s not a style I generally favor.
Pullman Nut Brown Ale)Brown PorterAwards: * Bronze Medal, 2010 Great American Beer Festival * Silver Medal, 2006 Great American Beer Festival * Gold Medal,
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Pullman Nut Brown Ale) Brown Porter United States - Illinois 4293 16 2002-03-31 Flossmoor Station Panama Limited Red Ale American-Style Pale Ale United States - Illinois
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