Style : Old Ale
Location : United Kingdom - Hampshire
Brewery : Gale

Facts about Prize Old Ale

Prize Old Ale which is carefully added to create a subtle blend of fruity and hoppy flavours.
Prize Old Ale: Brewed in Hampshire, it has a “dried apricots in vinegar” flavor (motelpogo). Prize Old Ale is best had after it has aged 20 years.
Prize Old Ale, will keep for a quarter of a century or more.
Prize Old Ale was a disappointment. It showed some tempering of the sweetness with 6 years of age, but it was completely flat. Not even a tickle of CO2.
Prize Old Ale now lives at Fuller's in a steel tank where it is blended in with new batches, and topped up with fresh wort to keep it going.
Prize Old Ale, Two Brothers Long Haul Ale, and two notoriously temperamental Belgian brews that come with “buyer beware” caveats.
Prize Old Ale (George Gale & Company, England), Greeg King (Westgate Brewery, England), Old Peculiar (T & R Theakston, England), Tooheys Old (Tooheys, England), Kent Old (Carlton & United Breweries, England) Award Winning American Beers Belk's Extra Special Bitter (Anderson Valley Brewing), Eye of the Hawk Select Ale (Mendicino Brewing)
Prize Old Ale, Brewers Reserve, Bengal Lancer, Jack Frost, London Porter, Red Fox.
Prize Old Ale, Burton Bridge Olde Expensive, Marston Owd Roger, Greene King Olde Suffolk Ale , J.W.
Prize Old Ale, at 1.094 and 7.2% alcohol (w/v), is composed primarily of pale malt made from Maris Otter barley plus some black malt for color and a little sharpness.
Prize Old Ale will continue to be produced in London. However, Gales Bitter will be discontinued in favour of Fuller's own London Pride.
PRIZE OLD ALE,X 3 BOTTLES Returns: Not accepted 7 Bids $23.
Prize Old Ale) with extremely complex flavor profiles that may include a milieau of yeast by-products as well as flavor components produced by aging the beer in wood.
Prize Old Ale, Burton Bridge Olde Expensive, Marston Owd Roger, J.W.
Prize Old Ale Petrus Aged Pale Aecht Schlenkerla Fastenbier Gaspar Petrus Blond Aecht Schlenkerla Helles Girardin Gueuze Petrus Dubbel Bruin Aecht Schlenkerla Maerzen Grozet Gooseberry Petrus Gouden Triple Aecht Schlenkerla Urbock
Prize Old Ale is a strong, malty English ale that has Maderida-like qualities 25.95 Duck Confit cured with orange zest, garlic, parsley, rosemary and thyme.
Prize Old Ale (back label "Foot of Ale" Special Brew) (corker). 1969 Silver Jubilee Ale (corked half pint). 1977 Silver Jubilee Ale (half pint). 1977 Silver Jubilee Ale (nip).
PRIZE OLD ALE - Prize old ale was a remarkable bottle conditioned ale of 9% alcohol from Gales of Horndean, Hampshire. It was an intensely warming beer with a hop and fruitcake flavour.
Prize Old Ale, Gales call it a barley wine! Perhaps a winter warmer is the best compromise. Whatever the choice, it
Prize Old Ale, carry a vintage date on their labels, and even attract collectors. Many take on the character of port or sweet sherry and their culinary home is with pudding or cheese.
Prize Old Ale 85This is the last batch of Prize Old Ale brewed at Gale's, now packaged at Fuller's in a bigger bottle than before and with a conventional cap
Prize Old Ale 1st February 09 - V-BLOG: A Year of Beer - Carnegie Porter, Oysters and Sausages 25th January 09 - ESSAY: Sharp's Brewery, Rock, Cornwall, UK.
Prize Old Ale from its original brewer in 2005, brewing director John Keeling also expressed an interest in making Thomas Hardy's.
Prize Old Ale at drinking age (10 years old).
Prize Old Ale in Chiswick right now, for example (there’s none in stock in the Fuller’s brewery shop and I bought the last two bottles they had in the Mawson