Style : Belgian-Style Pale Ale
Location : Belgium - West-Vlaanderen
Brewery : Van Eecke

Facts about Poperings Hommel Ale

Poperings Hommel Ale Reissdorf Kolsch Rince Cochon Rodenbach Classic Red Rodenbach Grand Cru Rogue Chatoe Dirtoir Rogue Chocolate Stout Rogue Dead Guy Rogue Double Chocolate
Poperings Hommel Ale (25oz) Rochefort Trappist-10 Rochefort Trappist-8 Rodenbach-Flemish Sour (12oz) Rodenbach-Flemish Sour (25oz) Rodenbach-Grand Cru (25oz) Saison Dupont Saison Pipaix (25oz) Saison Voisin (25oz) Scaldis-Ale Scaldis-Noel (25oz) Scaldis-Peche Mel Scaldis-Prestige Scaldis-Refermentee (25oz)
Poperings Hommel Ale Posca Rustica Potteloereke Quarta Runa Reissdorf Koelsch Reissdorf Koelsch 5 Liter Renaissance Elemental Porter Renaissance Stonecutter Ridgeway Reindeer Droppings Rivertown Unit 6 Hefeweizen Rochefort 6 Rochefort 8 Rocherfort 10 Rockmill Dubbel Rockmill Saison Rockmill Tripel Rockmill Witbier Rogue Dead Guy lg Rogue Double Dead Guy Rogue Imperial Stout Rogue Juniper Pale
Poperings Hommel Ale * Poretti Bock Rossa R * Rodenbach Grand Cru * Rochefort 8 * Rochefort 10 * Ruddles County S * Saison Voisin * Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout * Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale
Poperings Hommel ale is brewed with a blend of summer, winter and aromatic pale malts. Bon Secour Blonde Belgian Strong Pale Ale. Hazy amber with fruity hints.
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Poperings Hommel Ale was the second brew (I keep forgetting how superb a beer this is until I taste it next), accompanying Pan-Seared Scallops, a dish which Monk's has mastered
Poperings Hommel Ale Specialty Ale: This beer is a one of a kind ale, that you can best classify with the other Strong Golden Ales from Belgium.