Style : Robust Porter
Location : United States - Delaware
Brewery : Iron Hill (Newark)

Facts about Pig Iron Porter

Pig Iron Porter are near-perfect representations of the styles. The true standout during a recent visit, however, was the India Black Ale.
Pig Iron porter, but he never really named a beer something eccentric, something that got people thinking while sipping. Then he considered his love outside of brewing: cycling.
Pig Iron Porter ("everybody else was doing stouts"), Anvil Ale, Ironbound Ale(a pub ale and pale ale respectively) and a wheat beer.
Pig Iron Porter is a super-solid porter by just about anyone's standards, but their experiments, seasonals, and collaborations have proved to be more and more interesting while maintaining
Pig Iron Porter; Raspberry Wheat; Vienna Red Lager; Belgian Seasonal Ale (varies) Awards Large Brewpub of the Year GABF 2005 Abbey Dubbel Bronze, WBC 2006 Bourbon
Pig Iron Porter, intensely fruity with notes of cocoa (a great pairing with vanilla ice cream).
Pig Iron Porter in the Robust Porter category, and Russian Imperial Stout in the Imperial Stout category, according to the Brewsheet, Iron Hill brewer Chris LaPierre’s blog.
Pig Iron Porter aged in bourbon barrels with whole vanilla beans. Roasty malt and pronounced Bourbon flavors with a nice vanilla aroma. Served on nitrogen. 5.
Pig Iron Porter has roasty malt and pronounced bourbon flavors with a nice vanilla aroma, served on nitrogen and sometimes described as ‘dessert in a glass’; Bourbon Russian Imperial
Pig Iron Porter; Ironbound Ale; Hefeweizen; Saison; Maniac Alt; Chi-Town Brown; Abbey Single; and a firkin of "something tasty". See you there... Dr.
Pig Iron Porter on Nitro, Chocolate Stout, Belgian Heavy, etc, have all been amazing beers.
Pig Iron Porter, Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA/Punkin Ale, Guinness, Troegs Dead Reckoning Porter, Paulaner Dunkelweiss, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Weyerbacher Winter Ale, Philadelphia Brewing Walt Wit, Great Divide Oak-Aged Yeti Imperial
Pig Iron Porter (Media) in the Robust Porter category.
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Pig Iron Porter with an addition of smoked malt to the mash. This slightly smoky dark ale is a perfect accompaniment to smoked foods and BBQ.
Pig Iron Porter at the Great American Beer Festival.
Pig Iron Porter, Raspberry Wheat and a seasonal Belgian ale. Among the seasonals now: Maibock lager, Hefeweizen, Belgian White Ale and Mahallo Apollo, an unfiltered Belgian-style wheat beer.
Pig Iron Porter, a roasted, chocolate-y porter that is well balanced with a slight bitterness; and Raspberry Wheat, a summertime favorite among Iron Hill brewers for its refreshing natural fruit notes and
Pig Iron Porter, winner of the 2002 Great American Beer Festival Bronze medal, and the Silver medal winner in the 2002 and 2003 Real Ale Festival.
Pig Iron Porter, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, Wilmington, DE Silver: Moonlight Porter, Rock Bottom Breweries, Louisville, CO Bronze: Blimp Hangar Porter, Tustin Brewing Co.