Style : Brown Porter
Location : United States - Minnesota
Brewery : Tunner's Guild

Facts about Piedmont Porter

Piedmont Porter Ridge Sun Valley Southeastern League East Bladen Fairmont Red Springs South Robeson West Bladen West Columbus Southern Piedmont League Bessemer City Cherryville East Lincoln Highland Tech Lincolnton North Lincoln South
Piedmont Porter and Hoyo Sultan Double Maduro * Piraat Ale and Blend Lab WH-660 * Piraat Ale and Carlos Torano 1916 * Piraat Ale and Graycliff 1666
Piedmont Porter was first brewed as a bridal ale for Paul Smith
-Piedmont Porter is a rich and creamy brew, deep brown to black in color, with a delicious, full-bodied chocolate-like malt flavor and a smooth, lingering finish.
Piedmont Porter- especially this time of year. When the weather's cold, the indoor dining is cozy... the furniture is comfy leather and the rooms are lodgy- feeling.
Piedmont Porter is all UK with British Pale, Dark Pale and Chocolate malts.