Style : Belgian-Style Flanders/Oud Bruin Ale
Location : Belgium - West-Vlaanderen
Brewery : Bavik

Facts about Petrus Oud Bruin

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Petrus Oud Bruin, a competitor to the famous Rodenbach, and its impressive Wittekerke wheat beer. Bavik Pilsner - ABV: 5% Win It Too Inc.
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Petrus Oud Bruin or Goudenband and during the last hour or so, spread some gingerbread with the whole grain mustard and plop it on top and let it melt in.
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Petrus Oud Bruin Wine snobs look out—beer has arrived. No longer relegated to pubs and pizza parlors, beer is showing up in restaurants of all culinary persuasions across the country.
Petrus Oud Bruin recipe from Clonebrews which, from what I've gleaned, seems to be a by-the-books Oud Bruin formulation. Here it is: 9 lbs. Belgian 2-Row 12 oz. Caravienne 3 oz.
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Petrus Oud Bruin: Top fermented beer aged in oak barrels for 2 years. Dark stewed fruits (raisins and cherries) and quite sour.
Petrus Oud Bruin (available in Oklahoma), Southampton Flanders Red Ale, Verhaege Vichtenaar, Monk’s Cafe Flanders Red Ale, New Glarus Enigma, Panil Barriquée, and Mestreechs Aajt.
Petrus Oud Bruin - Smooth, malty dark ale, with a touch of bitter chocolate. 33cl 7.5% $10.
Petrus Oud Bruin - Brown Ale, Think on a earthy red wine with a head. Sour sweet balance. Thirst quencher par excellence.
Petrus Oud Bruin 750Ml * Piraat Blonde 11.
Petrus Oud Bruin Lambics/Gueuze: Examples: Lambics are wheat beers that come from the Senne Valley in Belgium. They are spontaneously fermented with wild yeasts in the air and are typically unfiltered.
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Petrus Oud Bruin is similar.
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Petrus Oud Bruin Top Beers from Belgium Food & Drink picture Bavik-De Brabandere Petrus Oud Bruin - Bavik-De Brabandere Belgium 5.5 24.
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