Style : Old Ale
Location : United States - California
Brewery : Sonoma

Facts about Petaluma Strong Ale

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Petaluma Strong Ale Old Ale United States - California 27 14½ 1993-05-16 Humboldt Summer Nectar Wheat Ale Belgian Style White (or Wit) / Belgian-Style Wheat United States - California 2236 14 1997-09-11 Marin Albion
Petaluma Strong Ale was very hoppy but without the bitter aftertaste. It was not too strong at 7.6% alcohol. The Vienna Fest Ale was red ale at 5.6%.
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Petaluma Strong Ale This is the local favorite. The pale malts, dry hopping, and higher alcohol content give this unfiltered beer a strong, complex flavor.
Petaluma Strong Ale is known for its pale malts, dry hopping, and higher alcohol content, which give this unfiltered beer a strong, complex flavor.
Petaluma Strong Ale, the sweetness of the dish was accentuated only to be cut back down by the whisp of alcohol left on your tongue by the big malty beer.
Petaluma Strong Ale since 1991 — Dempsey's holds a special place in locals' hearts.
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Petaluma Strong Ale which was just so easily drinkable.