Style : Classic English-Style Pale Ale
Location : United Kingdom - Lancashire
Brewery : Moorhouse

Facts about Pendle Witches Brew

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Pendle Witches Brew and Black Cat Ale.
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Pendle Witches Brew Pride of Pendle Black Cat Witches Cauldron Broomstick Bitter Witch Hunt Witchfinder General Black Witch 3.
Pendle Witches Brew and Black Cat bottled beers in good beer shops in the North West over the next few weeks.
Pendle Witches Brew is a full malty flavored beer with a distinct hop after taste. Price:
Pendle Witches Brew is available in this outstanding pub on handpump. Also available on handpump, on the June, 2006, was the brewery's world cup beer, FIFA Pitch (4.
Pendle Witches Brew through to the herbal drink Sarsaparilla enjoyed in place of alcohol by the Temperance Movement.
Pendle Witches Brew, and has recently been one of the all-star opening lineup at the Fox. Brunning and Price - Original Bitter 3.
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Pendle Witches Brew and decided to buy the brewery, investing £500,000 in new equipment, a distribution depot, and buying six pubs.
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Pendle Witches Brew captivates your gaze as it pours hazy peach, its soft white foam rising up to paint the sides of the glass like a tormented spirit. Spicy aromas of citrus and yeast encircle your head.
Pendle Witches Brew and is a smooth, rich, pale coloured, malty beer, not quite a Golden Ale, but very tasty and recommended for anybody that doesn't like IPAs or
Pendle Witches brew, which is produced by Moorhouses brewery in nearby Burnley. I can definitely recommend this area of the country.
Pendle Witches Brew and a multitude of guest cask beers and foreign bottle lager. The Cricket Clubhouse Located behind the away stand, is also open on matchdays and welcomes visiting fans.
Pendle Witches Brew Clone Drinking: AG#2: Weighton Warrior I am not young enough to know everything.
Pendle Witches Brew approach, the beer itself is tasty indeed.
Pendle Witches Brew Created in celebration of the famous Lancashire Pendle Witches by the long established Moorhouses Brewery, this hand-pumped beer is now available in public houses
Pendle Witches Brew lives on and makes an appropriate post-walk tipple.
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Pendle Witches Brew, at a whopping 5.1 per cent, John keeps for Halloween.
Pendle Witches Brew Pride of Pendle Weavers T Ginger Witches Cauldron Hambleton Ales Flash Rocket Ghostly Glory Silver Spur Stallion
Pendle Witches Brew that can be found in a selection of local pubs. Other famous local institutions are Slaters Ice Cream and Oddies Bakers.