Style : American-Style Lager
Location : United States - Texas
Brewery : Old City

Facts about Pecan Street Lager

Pecan Street Lager American-Style Lager United States - Texas 2324 13½ 1997-10-12 New Century Edison Light Beer American-Style Lager United States - Massachusetts 5118 13½ 2003-10-09 Latrobe Rolling Rock American-Style Lager
Pecan Street Lager and True Bock are brewed by contract with August Schell in Minnesota; they will soon change their name to Pecan St. Brewing Co. and move production to Austin.
Pecan Street Lager /Old City Brewing, usa Old Crustacean /Rogue Ales, usa Old Dan /Thwaites Brewery, GB Old Devil /Wychwood Brewery, GB Old Dominion Millennium /Old Dominion Brewing, usa Old Dominion Summer Wheat /Old Dominion Brewing, usa Old Dominion Wheat Bock /Old Dominion Brewing, usa Old English Porter
Pecan Street Lager in Austin in 1988 before launching the Copper Tank Brewery therein 1994, agreed.
Pecan Street Lager and True Bock; only the second producer of craft beer in Texas. Once brew pubs were legalized, Tucker opened Coppertank Brewing Company.