Style : English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter
Location : France
Brewery : Frog & Rosbif

Facts about Parislytic

Parislytic, a red beer similar to Kilkenny red Irish beer that is a “great example of strong bitter,” malty and hoppy, and packed with British hops to balance out all the alcohol-producing malt, according to the Frog
Parislytic Dark De Triomphe Froegaarden I had the Froegaarden and Dark De Triomphe and didn't find either to be anything special but since each Pub brews their own, the quality of drinks may
Parislytic English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter France - Ile-de-France 7333 17 2008-09-13 Frog & Rosbif Inseine (Special) Best Bitter France - Ile-de-France 7332 15½ 2008-09-13 Frog & Rosbif Maison Blanche Belgian Style White (or Wit) / Belgian-Style Wheat France - Ile-de-France 7331 14½ 2008-09-13 Frog & Rosbif
Parislytic English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter France - Ile-de-France 7333 17 2008-09-13 Bières23 Bière de Mars French-Belgian Style Saison France - Limousin 7596 16 2008-12-10 Bières23 Ambrée French-Style Bière de Garde France - Limousin
Parislytic Back at the hotel, I found these at the bar: Pelforth Brune Affligem Bière Blonde Tomorrow: Home Posted by Richard Stueven at 00:59
-Parislytic -Inseine -Dark de Triomphe Frog & Princess sampler None of them were anything special, but they were all decent for their styles.
Parislytic Fromulus G Gasconha ambrée Gavroche la Géante George Killian's Germinal Ambrée Triple Germinal de Noël La Germinette de Noël La Giboulée, Bière de Mars DOUBLE TOPIC la Goudale la Goudale la Goudale (Dégustation) la Goule La Goule Bio Grain d'Orge de Noël Grain d'Orge Tradition Grain D'orge Tradition Blonde Grande Chantourne – Chardon Grande Rivière Grande Rivière- Rouget de
Parislytic,Frohsinn Dunkel,Frohsinn Hell,Frohsinn Maisbier,Frohsinn Weizenbier,Front Street (Davenport) Bucktown Stout,Front Street (Davenport) Cherry Ale,Front Street (Davenport) Hefeweizen,Front Street (Davenport) Old Davenport Gold,Front Street (Davenport) Raging River Ale,Früh Kölsch,Füchschen Alt,Full Sail Amber Ale,Full Sail Full Sail Imperial Stout,Full Sail Hop Pursuit Extra Pale,Full Sail India Pale Ale,Full Sail LTD 01 Lager,Full Sail LTD 02 Lager,Full Sail LTD 03 Lager,Full Sail Lupulin Fresh Hop Ale,Full Sail Old Boardhead Barleywine Ale 2009,Full Sail Pale Ale,Full Sail Sanctuary Belgian Style Dubbel,Full Sail Session Black Lager,Full Sail Session Premium Lager,Full Sail
ParisLytic, InSeine etc were available, and the food remains good. Again, friendly English staff and a lively atmosphere afforded by well-chosen, tuneful music.
Parislytic and DH goes for a FNB Blonde.
parislytic », « ginger », « trentewheat »...
Parislytic (my favourite is Ginger Twist). I think I paid €6 for a pint (yes, they serve it in pint glasses).
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Parislytic to accompany restaurant food and British sports on the TV.