Style : German-Style Pilsener
Location : United States - California
Brewery : Santa Cruz

Facts about Palookaville Lager

Palookaville Lager, Scott's Big Wheat, Stout, Comments See what gak thinks of the beers from Santa Cruz Brewing at Beer Is My Life! Good beers, good selection, but not particularly noteworthy.
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Palookaville Lager /Santa Cruz Brewing, usa Santa Cruz Scott's Big Wheat /Santa Cruz Brewing, usa Santa Cruz Stout /Santa Cruz Brewing, usa Santa's Toss 92 /Commercial Brewery, GB Santa's Toss 93 /Commercial Brewery, GB
Palookaville Lager German-Style Pilsener United States - California 1095 9 1995-07-08 Mendocino Blue Heron Pale Ale Golden or Blonde Ale
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