Style : Specialty Beer
Location : United States - Delaware
Brewery : Dogfish Head

Facts about Palo Santo Marron

Palo Santo Marron * Phillips Double Dragon Imperial Red Ale * A Beer For All You Syrup Sucking Iceholes Out Ther...
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Palo Santo Marron Dogfish Head's Midas Touch New Holland's Beerhive New Hollands Dragon's Milk Stout Allagash Trippel Duvel Strong Belgian Golden Selection of heavy appetizers selected and prepared by Chef Shawn Merrow using local ingredients from Lynchburg Grows and Bedford Avenue Meat Shop **ADDITIONAL ITEMS -
Palo Santo Marron is a new, 12 percent alcohol ale from Delaware's Dogfish Head Craft Brewery that is aged in vast, 10,000-gallon tanks manufactured from the wood.
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Palo Santo Marron, with Dogfish Head’s big brown beer coming out on top. Take a look at the bracket, and let me know who you think is going to win? Let’s see who is better at predictions.
Palo Santo Marron Started 2 weeks, 3 days ago by pmoney - 1 post I have a couple 2008 Palo Santo Marron bottles sitting around and the last time I tried one from this year was about a year and a half ago.
Palo Santo Marron - Dogfish Head, Milton - Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron Rating: 93 Style: Brown Ale I just got back from a birthday road trip to Denver with a
Palo Santo Marron Malt beverage brown ale 12% aged in handmade wooden brewing vessels. Wood is Palo Santo wood giving it a special flavor. Super dark like a cola. No light gets through.
Palo Santo Marron (8/10) You have to be in the mood for this one. DARK, THICK.... heavy beer, but delicious. Posted by b.
Palo Santo Marron is a Strong dark ale aged in 10,000 gallon barrels crafted from Paraguayan Palo Santo wood.
Palo Santo Marron Our list of the Top 3 Microbrews in Delaware is rounded out by Dogfish Head's Palo Santo Marron.
Palo Santo Marron US craft brewer's portfolio launched this week The distinctive brand portfolio of equally distinctively named Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is now available in Great Britain – with a trio of
Palo Santo Marron Wood Beer 1 Quick Sip Clips by Dogfish Head: Festina Peche Click on the slide! Click on the slide! Click on the slide! * Click to navigate! 01 dogfish alehouse *
Palo Santo Marron Wood Beer 1 Quick Sip Clips by Dogfish Head: Festina Peche Gaithersburg Currently on tap: Falls Church Currently on tap: Fairfax Currently on tap: 60 Minute I.P.A. A powerful East Coast I.P.
Palo Santo Marron, and pair that with a “wagu” filet mignon. “The American version of the Kobi Steak”. It’s quite delicious.
Palo Santo Marron and a dram of The Balvenie DoubleWood. Both beverage brewed (or distilled) of malted barley and achieving their unique flavor/taste profiles from the use of wooden barrels.
Palo Santo Marron Review Brewery: Dogfish Head Brewery | Beer: Palo Santo Marron Style: American Brown Ale | ABV: 12.0% | IBUs: 50 Serving Method: 12 oz.
Palo Santo Marron, a brown ale with a hefty 12 percent alcohol content, was aged in barrels made from Paraguayan Palo Santo (or "holy") wood. The tr ...
Palo Santo Marron with Palo Santo wood stave Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron with Palo Santo wood stave The Palo Santo Marron is an interesting taste, and the wood-aged qualities are a little distinctive due to the unique wood