Style : Bohemian-Style Pilsener
Location : United States - California
Brewery : Sunset Beach

Facts about Pacific Pilsner

Pacific PilsnerBohemian-Style Pilsener * Date: May 8, 1995 (#952)Package: draughtPlace: at the breweryScore: 16 pointsOverall
Pacific Pilsner - It's good to remember Dennis Inkster and it's perhaps fitting we mention his name as I add this last 67th new can to this list.
pacific pilsner, pacific draft, brasseries - * 2ND AVE GRILL SK, S7K 7E6 SASKATOON, 10-123 2ND AVE S Contemporary styling of the 2nd Avenue Grill restaurant coupled with jazz-tempered background music and all-star menu make it the eatery of
Pacific Pilsner With a rich dense, creamy head, this crisp lager is clean and refreshing. Premium Canadian Pilsner and Munich malts create a sweet backbone, but hops are really what make this brew stand out.
Pacific Pilsner (found here) – even though the latter of the two is brewed in Prince George. ;) Tyler Robyn took me to Comox lake last year.
Pacific Pilsner (100th review) * Lucky Force 8 (100th review) * Dogfish Head 90min IPA * Swan's Raspberry Ale *
Pacific Pilsner ************************************************ Palace Hotel Pub - 275 Skinner St - 754-9041 Barperson - Servers - Ambience - dark, dinghy but friendly Clientele - bottom of the social food chain; trust me to find it
Pacific Pilsner R & B Brewing Auld Nick Winter Ale (seasonal) Hop Goblin IPA Raven Cream Ale Red Devil Pale Ale Sun God Wheat Ale Rethink Beer Herbal-Charged Lager Russell Brewing
pacific pilsner to lucky lager to unibroue from quebec, without even bringing up the fabulous array of bc craft brewers. I don't mind paying a little bit more when the quality is above and beyond.
Pacific Pilsner (is it still around?), then the wait for the Natives to arrive with their "catch" of the day. $5 steaks stolen from Buy Low's dock? Yep.
Pacific Pilsner, and we think it's pretty safe to say that a mighty fine time was had by all.
Pacific Pilsner, can has very blue eyes 562. Scott March* 13:24.
Pacific Pilsner pilsner Huntington Beach CA USA huntingtonbeach.gif 14 5.
Pacific Pilsner (cheap beer) in my fridge though... it's crisp/refreshing and surprisingly good for its price.
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Pacific Pilsner Bohemian-Style Pilsener United States - California Sunset Beach Pacific Porter Robust Porter United States - California Santa Cruz
Pacific Pilsner and PWB will be used to support the clean-up of streams, rivers or lakes in beautiful British Columbia. We will be selecting one or more community water clean-up projects with funding and other tools this summer.