Style : American-Style Amber Lager
Location : United States - Maryland
Brewery : Flying Dog

Facts about Old Scratch Amber Lager

Old Scratch Amber Lager • Doggie Style Pale Ale • Variety Pack LAGUNITA'S (California) • IPA • Maximus MAGIC HAT (Vt) • # 9 • Circus Boy OPA-OPA (Massachusetts) • Light • IPA •
Old Scratch Amber Lager Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA Founders Centennial IPA Founders Porter Founders Red's Rye Pale Ale Green Flash Brewing Double Stout Green Flash Brewing Hop Head Red Ale Green Flash Brewing West Coast IPA Lagunitas IPA Lagunitas New Dogtown Pale Ale Lagunitas Czech Style Pilsner Lagunitas Lil Sumpin' Sumpin Magic Hat #9 Miller Light Nectar Ales Nectar IPA Nectar Ales Red Nectar Nectar Hemp Ale New Holland
Old Scratch Amber Lager Great Lakes Burning River Guinness Miller Lite Rogue Dead Guy Ale Sam Adams Winter Lager Smithwick's Stella Artois
Old Scratch Amber Lager References: Information for this article was adapted from the BJCP Style Guidelines 2008 and from the book Designing Great Beers The Ultimate Guide to BRewing Classic Beer Styles,
Old Scratch Amber Lager 47, Sierra Nevada Juniper Black Ale 97, Wolavers India Pale Ale 48, Sierra Nevada Ovila Dubbel 96, Magic Hat Demo 55, Breckenridge Agave Wheat 38 Sign in to edit availabile beers Print out shelftags | customize print list add beers to
Old Scratch Amber Lager Tire Bite Golden Ale Snake Dog IPA Road Dog Porter In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen My favorites were the Snake Dog IPA, the Road Dog Porter, and the In-Heat Wheat. However, all of these beers are excellent.
Old Scratch Amber Lager, Orlio organic Common Ale 4.
OLD SCRATCH AMBER LAGER DESSERT Gonzo Imperial Porter Crepe Stuffed with a light filling of mascarpone cheese topped with a black cherry tripel sauce PAIRED WITH FLYING DOG KERBEROS TRIPEL Note: $50 per person.
Old Scratch Amber Lager If winter is six months away it's probably time to start thinking about that Winter Ale you wanted to brew.
Old Scratch Amber Lager proved to be a sweeter variation on the same theme.
Old Scratch Amber Lager GABF Style Listings California Common Beer 30B.
Old Scratch Amber Lager Most pilsners Hors d’oeuvres Flying Dog Tire Bite or Doggie Style Deschutes Jubelale Dinner Oktoberfest beers Sierra Nevada Stout Brown ales Porters Dessert Flying Dog Kerberos (a dessert in and of itself, yum!) New Belgium Abby Samuel Adams Cream Stout Pumpkin beers Digestif British (not American) barley wines