Style : English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter
Location : United Kingdom - Cumbria
Brewery : Coniston

Facts about Old Man Ale

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Old Man Ale Coniston - Old Man Ale Amber - 4.2% This radically different beer has roast barley added to the pale and crystal malts.
Old Man Ale Coniston Old Man Ale Product - Coniston Bluebird Bitter Coniston Bluebird Bitter Product - Coniston Bluebird Premium XB Coniston Bluebird Premium XB © 2012 GreatBrewers.
"Old Man Ale" refers to the tired New Hampshire tourist attraction "Old Man of the Mountain"-a bunch of rocks on a mountain with a nose.
Old Man Ale - to be served at 58F Old Man Ale - to be served at 58°F But what is the “ideal” serving temperature, and why should we care? Well, there
Old Man Ale, Cooperstown Pride of Milford Special Ale, Coniston Old Man Ale, North Coast Old Stock Ale. GABF Style Listings Old Ale 72A.
Old Man Ale is named after the Lakeland mountain at the foot of which sits Coniston Brewery.
Old Man Ale, as well as five from River Horse and five from Woodstock Brewing (a micro based in Kingston, NY; upriver from Hudson Valley Brewing) in six counties.
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Old Man Ale, Cooperstown Pride of Milford Special Ale, Coniston Old Man Ale, North Coast Old Stock Ale Wyeast Strains: 1028 - London Ale™ 1968 - London ESB
"Old Man Ale," named in honor of New Hampshire's oldest resident, the Old Man of the Mountain.
Old Man Ale Cooperstown Pride of Milford Special Ale Founders Curmudgeon Fuller's 1845
Old Man Ale are available in package stores and supermarkets throughout New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.
Old Man Ale Coniston 4.2% Special Oatmeal Stout Coniston 4.5% Black Gold Castle Rock 3.