Style : German-Style Märzen/Oktoberfest
Location : United States - Nebraska
Brewery : Crane River

Facts about Oktoberfest Ale

Oktoberfest ale lands on a reel the reel starts to fill with cool, bubbling beer.
Oktoberfest Ale at Asheville Oktoberfest on October 10, says brewer John Stewart.
Oktoberfest Ale - Naturally cloudy with orange, lemon and spicy flavours. November 2012 HIT THE NORTH 4.
Oktoberfest Ale is to the fall harvest, Halloween has its very own pumpkin ale.
Oktoberfest Ale - All Grain $25.99 ea Anonymous: OctoberFast - All Grain $26.54 ea Anonymous: Rogue Maierfest Clone - All Grain $32.
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Oktoberfest Ale Oktoberfest/Marzen Oktoberfest/Marzen — BJCP Style Information Category: European Amber Lager Number: 03B Smooth, clean, and rather rich, with a depth of malt character.
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Oktoberfest Ale
Oktoberfest Ale , "an amber, American-style festive ale with a hint of wheat and a dash of chocolate malt for complexity (limited quantities).
/Oktoberfest Ale * Shiner 97 — Bohemian Black LagerSchwarzbier, or "black beer", is a German dark lager beer. It has an opaque, black colour and a full, chocolatey or coffee flavour.
Oktoberfest Ale (North Coast Brewing), Brooklyn Brown (Brooklyn Brewing), Old Elk Brown Ale (Walnut Brewery), Brown Ale (Butterfield Brewery), Downtown Brown (Lost Coast Brewing), Oregon Trail Brown (Oregon Trail Brewery), Tut Brown Ale (Oasis Brewery) Complementary Foods Boston baked beans, caldo de queso soup, french onion soup, jambalaya,
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Oktoberfest Ale and an Oktoberfest platter, knocking us for six and sending us off to sleep ourselves into blissful hangovers. Thoroughly recommended.
Oktoberfest Ale, glazed in Grand Marnier Berry Sauce, fresh greens tossed in champagne pear vinaigrette, goat cheese and Maker's Mark candied walnuts, drop buttermilk biscuits with Red Zinfandel
Oktoberfest Ale that is tailored specifically for the Annual Florida Fall Festivities. The Highland Games Ale is a Scottish porter brewed to commemorate the annual Dunedin Highland Games.
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OktoberFest Ale – Seasonally brewed in late summer to be ready for Octoberfest in Sept. We brew it as an ale and condition it for 5-6 weeks.
Oktoberfest Ale - Ingredients - 3 lbs celery root, peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks - 6 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil - 2 tbsp chopped fresh thyme - 1 tsp hot paprika - Kosher salt
Oktoberfest Ale - a lightly-spiced ale in the Oktoberfest style. * Oktoberfest - A straightforward Oktoberfest lagered the way Oktoberfest is supposed to be.
Oktoberfest Ale If there are autumn spices in this brew, they're very subtle. On the other hand, maybe it's just the marketing, but this beer has a suspiciously season-appropriate flavor.