Style : Vienna-Style Lager
Location : Ireland
Brewery : Heineken Ireland

Facts about Murphy's Red Beer

Murphy's Red Beer from Ireland; Affligem brewed in Belgium and Fischer imported from France.
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)Murphy's Red BeerVienna-Style Lager * Date: February 26, 2003 (#4703)Package: bottledPlace: Woodman's Food Market #20, Green Bay WIScore: 13½ pointsOverall Impression Bright red-brown, very high carbonation, thick head.
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Murphy's Red Beer from Ireland, Zywiec from Poland, Affligem, brewed in Belgium, Edelweiss imported from Austria, Fischer imported from France and Starobrno, brewed in the Czech Republic.
Murphy's Red Beer Brewed in Holland. Formerly known as Murphy's Irish Amber. Gold-brown-red color, large head of medium to fine bubbles, medium body. Pleasantly drinkable, but not much depth.
Murphy's Red Beer * COORS 24OZ CAN * MURPHY'S RED BEER 6PK * Bud Light Light Beer, Premium, Lime * Bud Light Beer, Lime
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Murphy's Red Beer Vienna-Style Lager Ireland 4703 13½ 2003-02-26 Kulmbacher EKU Pils German-Style Pilsener Germany - Bayern 4702 14½ 2003-02-26 Carlton and United (Melbourne) Foster's Lager American-Style Lager Australia -
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Murphy's Red BeerHeineken Brouwerijen Den BoschGold, Green and Red foil Schell Bock'Blue with Red and Gold, picture of goatSmirnoff Ice Triple Black#Skyy Blue, Malt beverage with vodkaBudweiser Private Reserve46.5 oz.
murphy's red beer! De bediening is over het algemeen vriendelijk, al spreken ze soms geen vloeiend Nederlands. Naast het heerlijke vlees zijn de soepen ook aan te raden.
"Murphy's Red Beer, it is not as toch as you think" te promoten, hebben de mensen ze hier altijd al gehad ! Het grote verschil als je binnenkomt ( door een