Style : European-Style Dark/Münchner Dunkel
Location : United States - Iowa
Brewery : Brickhouse

Facts about Munich Dunkel

Munich Dunkel Min OG: 1.048 Max OG: 1.
Munich Dunkel (per gram) Weyermann
Munich Dunkel - European Style Dark Lager Great American Beer Festival - Bronze Medal Munich Dunkel - European Style Dark Lager North American Brewers Association - Gold Medal Belgian Wit - Belgian
Munich Dunkel as a mild lager that just happens to be dark. It drinks incredibly smooth with a malty finish.
Munich Dunkel Lager and a stout of some sort with the roasted barley character exhibited in this beer. I could not locate a website for this brewery.
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Munich Dunkel, this sessionable extract-brewed lager clocks in at just over 4% ABV and still has plenty of character.
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Munich Dunkel = BJCP 13-A AROMA Munich malt aroma, with sweetish notes or hints of chocolate and toffee also acceptable. No fruity esters or diacetyl should be detected, but slight hop aroma is acceptable.
Munich Dunkel = Not Rated (not yet rated) Click to vote beer glass color indicator Beer Style: dark lager, Munich, Recipe Type: all-grain Description: Ingredients: * 6 pounds, Klages * 1 1/2 pounds, Vienna * 1 pound,
Munich Dunkel Munich Dunkel — BJCP Style Information Category: Dark Lager Number: 04B Characterized by depth and complexity of Munich malt and the accompanying melanoidins.
Munich Dunkel We decided to do a Munich Dunkel as we wait for our Choco-Raspberry Stout to finish. Ingredients: 3.3 lbs. Coopers Unhopped Plain Light 2.0 lbs Clover Honey 2.
Munich Dunkel, Dortmunder Alt, Lupulin Lust IPA, Belgian Dubbel, Wheat Bock, Paulie the Younger IIIPA, Westy 12 clone #2, Westy 12 clone #3, Tenaya RIS, Scottish Way
Munich Dunkel fermenting with WY2124 (Bohemian Lager) in my brew box (cooled by ethylene glycol pumped from the freezer section of the keg/cold conditioning fridge).
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Munich Dunkel Lager, Style Leave a Comment Negro Modelo = Today’s beer is Negra Modelo. Bottle Size: 12 fl ounces/355mL Cost: $1.50 (At grocery store in Brooklyn) Alcohol (ABV): 5.
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Munich dunkel, it's an amber/copper-colored lager with a solid malt foundation and light hop accents in the flavor and aroma.
Munich Dunkel 2nd Jerry Sadowski, Brewers of South Suburbia (BOSS) Dark Lager & Bock Munich Dunkel 3rd Mark Bransford Category Style Place
Munich Dunkel, any one else?Brewing notes!!!!!!!You still have time to brew a Celtic Lager for the Celtic Brew-off, 8 weeks.
Munich Dunkel Lager Posted by jason ⋅ September 15, 2011 ⋅ Leave a Comment Background Like the Schwarzbier, Munich Dunkel is also one of the Classic German dark lagers originally called Munchener
Munich Dunkel Lager An old friend of Bavaria, Munich Dunkels are smooth, rich and complex, but without being heady or heavy.
Munich Dunkel (The South African Breweries Ltd) On bringing the beer to your mouth the rich aroma of Munich malt and speciality malts invites you to enjoy that first sip.
Munich Dunkel Third Place, 2002 Pacific Brewers Cup Other Really Good Recipes - Belgian Dubbel Scottish Light 60/- Low-Gluten Lager Vienna Lager Imperial Stout Oatmeal Stout Kölsch Extra Special Bitter Heavy Brown Ale Nut Brown Ale Have you brewed any of these recipes? Let the Brewmaster know how they turned out! Have your own great recipes? Send them in and I'll post them here.
Munich Dunkel 3 Table 3 - Dark Beers (14 Entries) Bryan Halvorson, Green Bay Rackers Green Bay,WI A Taddy Brown 12A Brown Porter 1 Shawn Legare Green Bay,WI Blackfeather stout 13E American Stout 2 Bob Ferguson Green Bay,WI Dry Irish Stout 13A Dry Stout 3 Table
Munich Dunkel style in Germany that became a specialty in Munich centuries ago and remains popular in Bavaria.
Munich DunkelSchwarzbier Maibock/Helles Bock04APIZZA (better still with sausage or pepperoni, mushrooms, onions,garlic), steak, steak, steak, roast chicken, grilled sausages, grilledchicken, burgers, hot dogs, pork chops, corn on
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munich dunkel, schwarzbier - BJCP info) at this meeting.