Style : English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter
Location : United States - Oregon
Brewery : Siletz

Facts about Mojo Ale

Mojo AleMojo Ale Displayed for educational use only; do not reuse.
Mojo Ale * Pyramid Snow Cap Ale Barley Wine: Examples: Barley Wines can be broken down into American and English varieties. Here at BeerTutor, we feel they are similar enough that they can be grouped together.
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)Mojo AleEnglish-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter * Date: April 11, 2004 (#5267)Package: bottledPlace: Liquid Solutions, Tigard ORScore: 14½ pointsOverall Impression Deep red. Moderate dense head. Spicy, sweet aroma.
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Mojo Ale English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter United States - Oregon 5267 14½ 2004-04-11 Uerige Sticke German-Style Brown Ale/Düsseldorf-Style Altbier Germany - Nordrhein-Westfalen 5266 16
Mojo Ale English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter United States - Oregon Siletz MoJo India Pale Ale American-Style India Pale Ale United States - Colorado Boulder Mojo Risin'
Mojo Ale 6 5/31/2008 Siletz Wooly Bully 6 5/31/2008 Slab City Barrel-Aged Milkhouse Stout 6 5/31/2008 Sleeman Cream Ale 6 5/31/2008 Sly Fox Burns Scottish Export Ale 6 5/31/2008 Sly Fox Sterling IPA 6 5/31/2008 Smoky Mountain Velas Helles Lager 6 5/31/2008 Smuttynose Winter Ale 6 5/31/2008 Southampton 80 Shilling Scottish Ale 6
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