Style : Classic English-Style Pale Ale
Location : United States - Oregon
Brewery : Deschutes

Facts about Mirror Pond Pale Ale

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Mirror Pond Pale Ale = Posted on September 19, 2011 by Hopps 3 Dechutes' Mirror Pond Pale Ale Dechutes' Mirror Pond Pale Ale So once my friend Calvin Nelson found out about my
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Mirror Pond Pale Ale - Deschutes is a great craft beer brewery in Oregon, and their Mirror Pond Pale Ale is light bodied and easily drinkable, with a dry and sunny taste that's
Mirror Pond Pale Ale is a great beer for all beer lovers. It is the most popular beer choice from Deschutes.
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Mirror Pond Pale Ale: Antidote to The Miasma = Steve Body aka The Pour Fool I had another one of those moments of quick-starting umbrage, recently, when I got the press release from Deschutes Brewery announcing their new project, a fresh-hopped version of
Mirror Pond Pale Ale & Kiltlifter Music 10-12 Lounge was voted "Best Happy Hour" by the 2008 Verde Valley Reader's Poll We offer the best selection of beers in the Verde Valley! Featured
Mirror Pond Pale Ale Anchor Liberty Ale Fuller’s London Pride St. Peter’s English Ale Amidst the clamorous American microbrewery scene resides the modest, ubiquitous and steady pale ale.
Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Deschutes Brewery’s most popular beer, will also be available in 22-ounce bottles and on draft. With its definitive hop aroma and hop forward flavor, Mirror Pond is the quintessential pale ale.
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Mirror Pond Pale Ale for HopsAndGears.
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Mirror Pond Pale AleDeschutes Brewery - Sample DateOct022011 Bottle Number199 Brewed InBendOregon ABV5.0% SeasonFall IBU40 Rating Tasting Notes0 CommentsThe latest in Deschutes' Bond Street series of seasonal 22oz bombers.
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Mirror Pond Pale Ale Mirror Pond Pale Ale has four different hop additions along with the all-important dry hopping. What separates this pale ale, though, is balance.
Mirror Pond Pale Ale to the Mount Rushmore State 10 March 2011 – Bend, Oregon – Deschutes Brewery, Oregon brewer of courageously crafted ales since 1988, announced today that it will begin selling Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale
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Mirror Pond Pale Ale at The Tap Room - The Tap Room 1740 Battleground Ave Greensboro, North Carolina 27408 The most popular beer
mirror pond pale ale clone - brew time May 8, 2011 gal Category American Ale Subcategory American Pale Ale Recipe Type All Grain Batch Size 5 gal Volume Boiled
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Mirror Pond Pale Ale Deschutes Brewery, Bend, OR Deschutes Brewery's most popular beer, Mirror Pond Pale Ale is a quintessential American pale ale with a definitive hop aroma and hop forward flavor .
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Mirror Pond Pale Ale in South Dakota this week.
Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Black Butte Porter and Twilight Ale, along with some of the harder-to-find Reserve Series beers. Raffles with great prizes will be held every hour, all coming together to make this summer solstice one to remember.
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Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Black Butte Porter & Fat Tire :: more domestics ::More Domestics - $3.00 Coors Light :: imports ::Imports - $3.50 *Singha (3.
Mirror Pond Pale Ale Experimental Trials! We here at Deschutes Brewery are always looking at ways to improve our beer, this includes our flagship brand Mirror Pond Pale.