Style : Specialty Beer
Location : United States - Wisconsin
Brewery : Titletown

Facts about Millennium Ale

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Millennium Ale is a beer to sip and savour with robust food.
Millennium Ale, which survived the brewery's move from Ashburn, Va., to Dover, Del., is getting a makeover this year, reports Casey Hollingsworth, vice president for sales and marketing.
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Millennium Ale Click on photo or see details to read full article See details Enter your price! Buy Now Replicator December 2001- Bridgeport Porter & Easy
Millennium AleSpecialty Beer * Date: February 19, 2000 (#3390)Package: draughtPlace: Manitowoc Beer Lover's Brew Fest, Manitowoc WIScore: 13½ pointsOverall Impression Golden amber, hazy, moderate head. Faintly smoky aroma.
Millennium Ale Another Random Beer Tasting Another random big beer tasting in 2011 featured: Southern Hemisphere Harvest, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company “a beer with fresh-picked hops from the southern hemisphere” Coffee Stout, Long Trail Brewing Company
Millennium Ale * A big Belgian tripel from a California brewpub originally brewed for Y2K.
Millennium Ale is honey-gold in color and hits 20 percent abv. Dogfish Head's World Wide Stout is deep black and 18 percent abv.
Millennium Ale ("Mike Maag") Re:beer in Ireland(February 13, 2001) (WilfPhoenix) Q.
"Millennium Ale" which clocked in at 24% ABV and $100+ per bottle. Ouch! Never had one.
Millennium Ale in 2000 weighed in at 21 percent alcohol by volume.
Millennium Ale - Amber Ale - (10/23/99) #36 - Daril's Oatmeal Stout 1199 - Oatmeal Stout - (11/12/99) #37 - Dunkelweizen, Dunkelweizenbock, Roggenbier - (Parti-gyle Wheat & Rye) - (2/2000) #38 - Kolsch, Hellesbock, "Amerroggen" - (Parti-gyle Wheat & Rye) - (3/2000) #39
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Millennium Ale in 2000 (21 percent ABV) and Utopias in 2002, '03, '05 and '07. Utopias gets an A rating on the respected site.
Millennium Ale * Hahn Premium (pilsener lager) * Hahn Premium Light (lager) * Hahn Witbir
Millennium Ale from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. "It's not intended to be consumed until next year but I couldn't wait" he says.
Millennium Ale (9 Litres), WOODFORDES Premium 3 kilo beer kits based on the award winning beers brewed by Woodfordes Norfolk brewery.
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Millennium Ale, Coast Brewing Company/Beau Rivage Resort, Biloxi, MS Bronze: Pitchfork Pale Ale, Jarre Creek Ranch Restaurant and Brewing Company, Castle Rock, CO Category: 35 English-Style Summer Ale-26 Entries Gold: Cascade Golden Ale, Deschutes Brewery, Bend, OR Silver: Chasing Tail Ale, Utah Brewers Cooperative, Salt Lake City, UT Bronze: Surfer's Summer Ale, Pelican Pub & Brewery, Pacific City, OR Category: 36 English-Style India Pale Ale-26 Entries Gold: Squatters India Pale Ale, Utah Brewers Cooperative, Salt Lake
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Millennium Ale will be available on (or around) February 15. A strong, Barleywine-style ale, Millennium is brewed only once a year and not for the tender of palate.
Millennium AleBrewed for: Duke of York, Iddesleigh Standard 500ml - Gold Crown Cap Brewed by Adnams but not acknowledged on the label! Although a 500ml bottle, the
Millennium Ale that Inside McGuires Pubwon a Gold Medal at the World Beer Championship and their Christmas Ale that has become a local tradition.
Millennium Ale, the strongest beer ever made, is honey-gold in color and hits 20 percent ABV. The next strongest, Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout, is deep black and 18 percent ABV.
Millennium Ale which features the usual striking gift tin. It retails at 1.99 .
Millennium ale, and not worth keeping to celebrate on New Year
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