Style : Scottish-Style Export Ale
Location : United Kingdom - Scotland
Brewery : Broughton

Facts about Merlin's Ale

Merlin's Ale Secondary: Bottled and Waiting: Cherry Wheat Ale #2 Ready to Drink: Pumpkin Spice Ale Cheesefood's Carmel Cream Ale Chocolate Cherry Ale Planned Batches: Maple
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Merlin's Ale; Broughton Ales LTD Hale's Troll Porter; Hale's Ales Intrigued? Look for Dragonstooth at your local beer store or try it on tap at any of
Merlin's Ale This is a golden, well-hopped (by British standards), Pale Ale.
"Merlin's Ale" beer in Canada Asked by: jtrent-ga 22 Oct 2005 Expired 4 comments Blowing out candles Asked by: uncledave-ga
Merlin's Ale Caledonian 80/- Export Ale Inveralmond Lia Fail McEwan's Export (IPA) Southampton 80 Shilling Orkney Dark Island comments The malt-hop balance is slightly to
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.Merlin's Ale, an 80 shilling ESB from Broughton Ales is now being imported by Phoenix Imports Ltd....Schmaltz Brewing Co.
Merlin's Ale - no eye of newt in this ESB, but the unique flavor of the water from Merlin's realm
Merlin's Ale Broughton Ales Limited Broughton Peeblesshire imported by Phoenix Imports, Ltd Baltimore, MD 2 Mississippi Mud Black & Tan Beer
Merlin's Ale- back in stock! t'Gaverhopke Extra Quadruple- back in stock! Ethiopian beer- Hakim- back in stock! Ethiopian beer- Harar- back in stock! Guatemala's Famosa lager-
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Merlin's Ale * Tasty Lytham Gold ale in The Five Ways (Ormskirk) * Great St Austell Proper Job in the Queens Head (Or...
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Merlin's Ale, Skullsplitter Viking Ale, O'Hara's Celtic Stout, and Dark Island Ale will be available in the Food Court. Recent highlights of the Festival have been the wine and whisky tastings. Both of these events will be expanded this year.
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Merlin's Ale kit is a clone of an 80 Shilling Best Bitter brewed by Broughton Brewery in Scotland bayouclassicdirect.
Merlin's Ale * Beer reviews: Greenmatle ale Helium Debate Cast your vote! Does light beer taste as good as regular beer? * Yes * or * No Click for your side.
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