Style : American-Style India Pale Ale
Location : United States - Michigan
Brewery : New Holland Pub

Facts about Mad Hatter IPA

Mad Hatter IPA Week through May 21 773-489-6212 Fat Cat Bar & Grill 4840 N. Broadway, Chicago Mad Hatter IPA Week through May 21 773-506-3100 Sheffield's 3258 N.
Mad Hatter IPA is spectacular (if you're a hophead.) Spouse loves Island Amber which is also quite hoppy. Stout, Organic Brown Ale, Cabin Fever, everything else tried was superb.
Mad Hatter IPA, Mad Hatters, New Holland Brewing 5/6/11 - Hatter Days I can finally do a little show and tell for the work I did at New Holland Brewing.
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Mad Hatter IPA has been around awhile, I recently discovered how drinkable this 5.8% ale can be.
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Mad Hatter IPA Fondue with Venison Sausage, Avalon Sourdough and Crudite'. Cranberry Vodka Jello with Whole Cranberries and Diced Pears in Classic Mini Molds.
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Mad Hatter IPA recently, but I gotta say that the Poet totally makes up for it.
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Mad Hatter IPA Brewed by the New Holland Brewery in Michigan Beer Size: 6-Pack ($8.49) Mad Hatter IPA Close Brewed by the New Holland Brewery in Michigan 6-Pack, $8.
Mad Hatter IPA Fondue * Fall flavors to make at home (Yes! Recipes!) * Fall, flavors, farmers, fires, food and flour * Take home a Firestone heirloom *
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Mad Hatter IPA Fondue * Grilled Chicken, Pineapple and Jalapeño Skewers with Hopquilla-Lime Sauce * What's your favorite favor? * Fall flavors to make at home (Yes! Recipes!) * Fall, flavors, farmers, fires, food and flour * Take home a Firestone heirloom *
Mad Hatter IPA New Holland The Poet Stout Foothills Stout (can’t remember the name) Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment » h1 Westvleteren Blonde - January 12, 2008 soorten-bier.
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Mad Hatter IPA (found in liquor stores all over Chicago), but why do that when you could try the Mutinous Battle Chai Ale, a beer that shares the spice qualities
Mad Hatter IPA * Music Our jukebox features: David Bowie, Squeeze, The Allman Brothers, Jethro Tull, The Cult, Dead Milkmen, Hank Williams Sr, Cake, Steely Dan, The Beatles, Dire Straits, The Tossers, Los Lonely Boys, Janis Joplin, Blondie, Huey Lewis & The News, Pink Floyd, The Clash, U2, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, The Pixies, Temptations,
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