Style : Scottish-Style Export Ale
Location : United States - Ohio
Brewery : Barley's #1 (Columbus)

Facts about MacLenny's Scottish Ale

MACLENNY'S SCOTTISH ALE 1/4 cup VEGETABLE OIL 1large RED OR WHITE ONION, chopped 1 large YELLOW ONION, chopped 5-10 CLOVES GARLIC, minced 1 GREEN BELL PEPPER, seeded and chopped 2 tbl CELERY SALT 1 SERRANO PEPPER, diced with seeds 1 stick SMOKED ANDOUILLE SAUSAGE (about
MacLenny's Scottish Ale Scottish Flag and Cow / Barley's Pale Ale British Foag and Pig HAPPY HOUR ANOTHER ROBERT BURNS DINNER SUCCESS! Warm, jiggling haggis Our eleventh annual Robert Burns Dinner and Robert Burns Scottish Export Ale Tapping is in the books.
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MacLenny's Scottish Ale (Columbus , OH )As good as some of the international brands can be, beer is meant to be microbrewed.
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MacLenny's Scottish Ale and their Barley's Pale ale, which has been rated highly on Beer Advocate. They also have "guest" beers which rotate through the seasons.