Style : Scottish-Style Heavy Ale
Location : United States - California
Brewery : Iron Springs

Facts about MacLean's Scotch Ale

MacLean's Scotch Ale A rich, malty amber ale brewed for late fall. 7.2%abv. © 2010 All rights reserved. MacLean's Claymore Oatmeal Stout A full-bodied ale brewed for the winter. 5.
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MacLean's Scotch Ale Scottish-Style Heavy Ale United States - California Iron Springs MacLenny's Scottish Ale Scottish-Style Export Ale United States - Ohio Barley's #1 (Columbus) MacManus's Red Shoes Altbier
Maclean's Scotch Ale this morning in order to get into your frame of mind in posting this riveting piece worthy, no doubt,
Maclean's Scotch Ale - this rich, malty amber ale is a traditional Scottish winter warmer.
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