Style : American-Style Lager
Location : United States - California
Brewery : Santa Cruz

Facts about Lighthouse Lager

Lighthouse Lager is a nice solid drinker, especially when you can get it on tap.
Lighthouse Lager, a healthy alternative to the heavies, but packing a lot less bang for the buck with only 4.2 percent alcohol and several ounces less beer (often for the same price).
Lighthouse Lager is also available at the nearby Crow's Nest restaurant.
Lighthouse lager and the run-of-the-mill Mexican beers. The guys had rice and beans and chicken while the girls had fajitas. The couple both worked in operations research (i.e.
Lighthouse Lager Great Northern Brewers 11C – Northern English Brown Ale Annie Johnson Sacramento, CA Georgie Brown Ale E.S.B.
Lighthouse Lager Bottles on Caye Caulker, Belize Lighthouse Lager, Belize's 'other' beer The first decision you need to make is this: ocean first, ruins and mountains second; or
Lighthouse Lager - Ditto on this new brand in 355mL cans. It's one of the four new cans from Lighthouse Brewing Company in Victoria, B.C.
lighthouse lager for them. He didn’t ask for money from either group of waiting would-be revelers.
Lighthouse Lager ~ Victoria Crisp and refreshing with a hop leaf bitterness Lighthouse Race Rocks Ale ~ Victoria Deep amber ale with a light chocolate flavour and clean malty finish Lighthouse Beacon IPA ~ Victoria Big hop flavour with a clean finish Vancouver Island Spyhopper Honey Brown Ale ~ Victoria ~ Light amber ale with a
Lighthouse Lager, from can 5. Rob Britton 7:04.
Lighthouse Lager Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA Unknown Unknown 0.00 Indian Wells Mojave Red Inyokern, California, USA 5.
Lighthouse Lager, Beacon India Pale Ale, Race Rocks Amber Ale and Keepers Stout, from the Lighthouse Brewing Company in Victoria.
Lighthouse Lager Belize (B3668 Returns: Not accepted Get fast shipping and excellent service when you buy from eBay Top-rated sellers Buy It Now $8.
Lighthouse Lager (which is really hoppy, I didn’t care for it), and Stout. I didn’t even try the stout.
Lighthouse Lager and Belikin Stout) and sports a picture of the country’s most popular Mayan ruin site, Altun Ha, an important trading and agricultural town that peaked from 300 to
Lighthouse Lager Lighthouse Lager is also brewed by Belize Brewing Company. Very light in colour, with an aroma of grain/straw. Comes in a smaller bottle (237mL).
Lighthouse Lager, Rebel Red, Blarney Blonde and Shandon Stout. We decided to order 3 pints of Blarney Blonde and they were lovely. Much nicer than the usual processed beers you get in regular bars.
Lighthouse Lager can be bought in a six-pack on the shelves of supermarkets and beverage distributors across Long Island. They have also just released their newest—Red Wagon IPA.
Lighthouse Lager, though it came only in 7-ounce bottles where I was. Belikin is periodically available through BevMo's website ( (, but they ship only to CA.
Lighthouse Lager and maybe some of the standards if he gets to brewing them. You just missed the Dekuypers Pucker Party so you can't get a free schnapps shirt or hat.
Lighthouse Lager is typical tasting, the stout is very nice but too sweet for my taste (but makes a good half/half). Cost was $1.
Lighthouse Lager * Hunter-Gatherer Pale Ale * Hunter-Gatherer Wheat * Legend Chocolate Porter * Legend Lager * Legend Pilsner * Legend Porter
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Lighthouse Lager was my favorite!), and great conversation with our bartenders (the owner/manager was there and showed the personality of a doorknob!), we headed back to the city for
Lighthouse Lager received gold medals at the recent 2011 North American Beer Awards held in Idaho Falls. Office Depot offering discounts to chamber members Published Tuesday, May.
Lighthouse Lager was my favorite.
Lighthouse Lager) – (important for all of my fellow beer drinkers) as well as many of the usual top-shelf liquors.
Lighthouse Lager plus Belikin Mayan Temple beers. The service was quick and the food not bad either, especially for a total bill of US$10 (No credit cards accepted).
Lighthouse Lager Gold: Fruit Beers – Ice Harbor Tangerine “ExBEERience’ Old Schoolhouse Brewery Gold: Brown Porter – Uncle Big’s Brown Gold: American Stout – Hooligan Stout RAM Restaurant and Brewery Bronze: American Strong Pale Ale – Big Red IPA Scuttlebutt Brewing Bronze: English Barley
Lighthouse Lager, but I'm sure it's as good as any other dull blonde beer, so why not pay less? The food is also ok, though I'd steer clear of the nachos.
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