Style : American-Style Amber/Red Ale
Location : United States - Minnesota
Brewery : O'Gara's

Facts about Light Amber Ale

light amber ale that is full-bodied and crisp. Ranger IPA Fort Collins, CO $4.
light amber ale) and my Resolution Porter (an old-timey version with mollasses and a hint of cinnamon) and I'm about to work up my
light amber ale, which contains 5.5 percent alcohol, was selected for its full rich flavor and excellent amber hue.
light amber ale, with a hoppy bite, and finished with a touch of brettanomyces at bottling. The resulting beer is alive within the bottle.
light amber ale is quite tasty, fairly fresh and sufficiently hoppy (although not terribly bitter.
Light Amber Ale Amber waves of grain meet bright, flowery Cascade hops in our dry-hopped Red Light Ale.
light amber ale with a noticeable citrus aroma and a toasty caramel flavor on the finish. Boone Brewing Co PO Box 2678 Blowing Rock, NC 28605 www.boonebrewing.
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light amber ale aptly named ‘Enlightenment’, and flavoured with celeia and cascade hops, will be available in Chirnside’s Red Lion and Waterloo Arms, and in the nearby Allanton Inn and The Craw in Auchencrow, during Chirnside’s Philosophy Festival and Paxton House’s
light amber ale with a good portion of Munich malt for a firm maltiness to back up the hops. Each batch of Hopfest features a different single variety of hops. OG 14.
light amber ale with a smooth, malty taste; Hefeweizen, a traditional German wheat beer; and a very hoppy India pale ale. A billiard hall is on the second floor.
light amber ale with floral peaty aroma, full malt character, and a spicy herbal flavour with a dry wine like finish +460006 — 1 Token website MCCLELLAND PREMIUM IMPORTS Fruli Strawberry Wheat Beer “World’s Best Fruit Beer” @ World Beer Awards ‘09. Belgian White (Wheat) beer fermented with 30% pure Strawberries, no additives/preservatives.
light amber ale and their home brewed apple cider (alcoholic) is a nice change of pace. They also have pizza choices and other kid friendly dishes.
light amber ale that gets dosed with whole pumpkin pies in both the mash-tun and fermenter.
light amber ale, but its lack of much taste was a little disappointing.