Style : American-Style Lager
Location : United States - Missouri
Brewery : Route 66

Facts about Lake Shore Light

Lake Shore Light is a clear pale straw color with a very thin body and light hoppy flavor that lingers into the finish. The 4.
Lake Shore Light * Classic Blond Ale * Imperial Pale Ale * Continental Wheat * Mile Marker Amber * Streamline Oatmeal Stout * Golden Pilsner * Scottish Ale
Lake Shore LightAmerican-Style Lager * Date: January 11, 2002 (#4097)Package: draughtPlace: at the breweryScore: 18 pointsOverall Impression Very pale, high carbonation, thick
Lake Shore Light * Route 66 Winter Wheat * Saint Louis Schlafly Altbier * Saint Louis Schlafly Barleywine * Saint Louis Schlafly ESB
Lake shore light houses in the Door county area. Time to take a ride and start snapping pictures. I have scratched several structures just nothing of this size.
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