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Style : Belgian-Style Tripel
Location : Netherlands
Brewery : Koningshoeven

Facts about La Trappe Tripel

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La Trappe Tripel 33cl - La Trappe Tripel La Trappe Tripel is a strong Trappist beer from the Schaapskooi brewery In the Neterlands...more
La Trappe Tripel is the hoppiest of the La Trappe range, displaying a beautiful balance of hoppy bitterness and full malt flavor.
La Trappe Tripel,
La Trappe Tripel B- (8% abv) I had this at the same time as the dubbel, and it was certainly a step down for me.
La Trappe Tripel: Leaning toward the sweeter side for the style, La Trappe Tripel has a soft, bready malt character with notes of lemon, orange, and pepper.
La Trappe Tripel (Koningshoeven) = * Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée Renée = * Mikkeller I Beat yoU = * Petrus Aged Pale Grand Reserve
La Trappe Tripel, and then I killed a half-liter of wheat beer goodness. Mappings: WordNet 3.
/La Trappe Tripel, and Chimay White/Cinq Cents are all examples of Trappist tripels, but this style has proven even more popular among secular breweries like Bosteels and St. Bernardus.
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La Trappe Tripel (Schaapskooi, Netherlands), Tripel (Westmalle, Belgium), Blue Extra and Yellow 12 Abbot (Wstvleteren, Belgium) Award Winning American Beers Triple (Pacific Coast Brewing) Other Fine American Products Tripel Threat (The Cambrdige Brewing Co.
LA TRAPPE TRIPEL 750ML LA TRAPPE TRIPEL 750ML ABV 8% La Trappe Tripel is a remarkable and strong Trappist beer. This is a big golden beer which has been spiced with c... €6.
La Trappe Tripel COMPANY HISTORY A wholly family-owned business, started in 1979 to source and distribute top quality beers from all over the world – many of which are very hard to find in the UK and