Style : Bohemian-Style Pilsener
Location : Czech Republic
Brewery : Lobkowiczk├Ż

Facts about Knight Kn

KNIGHT KN-4003 RK-710 RK-810 RK-815 RK-820 RK-860 RK-870 RK-880 MAGNACORD P-76 MAGNACORD P-86-X-155 MAGNACORD P-728 MAGNACORD P-748 MAGNACORD p-748-44 MAGNACORD P-1000 MAGNACORD P-1048 MAGNACORD Phonola 9000s MAGNACORD Phonola A-104 IK-0884 IK-0885 M-814 FJB-16595 FJB-16597 FJB-16599A MORSE ZK-1301 HS-2350 SK-528DW 3501 3548 OLSON AM-191 OLSON AM-232 6232 6233 N-4404 N-4460 PHONOLA 9005 QT-74 QT-660 QT-6100 F QT-6600 T-600 T-6100 F RCA
Knight KN-775 Integrated Amp Layout271 viewsIntegrated stereo amplifier with EL34 output tubes in push-pull; rated 37.5 watts per channelMay 05, 2011 Knight_KN-775_Rear.
Knight KN 36 with the lions I like to think is King Arthur as Timpo always gave him lion shields.
knight KN-780 Stereo Tube Integrated Amplifier Great Sounding $ 1,099.99 Vintage knight 40 Watt Stereo Tube Integrated Amplifier Amp Parts or Repair $ 174.
Knight KN-2500 Knight KN-2550 Knight KN2565 Knight Safari I Knight C-11 Knight C27 Knight C560 KRACO 4003 KRACO 5001 KRACO KCB-4030 KRIS T23 KRIS 23+ KRIS XL23 KRIS XL50 KRIS XL70 Lafayette HE-43C LLOYD A510
Knight KN-780 Stereo Tube Integrated Amplifier Great Sounding Very Rare EL34 Knight KN-780 Stereo Tube Integrated Amplifier Great Sounding US $1,099.
/Knight KN 615-HC 3 way coax speakers in refinished walnut cabinets.Great for SET or low wattage tube amps.Pick-up only payment in cash,thanks.
Knight KN-500X cartridge Sonotone 9TSD-V cartridge General Electric VR-1000-7 cartridge General Electric VR-1000-5 cartridge Dual DMS-900 cartridge November 1961 Altec Lansing 353A integrated stereo amplifier Fairchild 510 Compander Shure M7-N21D cartridge Audio Dynamics ADC-2 cartridge Fairchild SM-2 cartridge Elac STS-310-D cartridge Pickering 381A cartridge Audio Dynamics ADC-1 cartridge About This Site Return to Main Reviews Page More reviews will be added as my research continues. Any comments, corrections, or additions are welcome.
Knight KN-120 am/fm tuner February 1959 Dynakit Stereo Control DSC-1 Blonder Tongue Audio Baton Telectrosonic 900 tape deck March 1959 Bell Carillon integrated stereo amplifier Knight 83YX776 stereo preamp kit April 1959
Knight KN-720 Knight KN-734 Lafayette LA-235 Leak Point 1 Plus Leak Stereo 20 Leak Varislope III Magnavox AMP139 Magnavox AMP142 Magnavox AMP151 Magnavox AMP163 Magnavox AMP175 Magnavox AMP182 Magnavox AMP81 series (schem only) McIntosh C4 McIntosh C8 (early) Mcintosh C8 (later) Motorola 5A5 Motorola SK28, SK29, SK30, SK31 Newcomb D12 Olympic Goldy 250 Olympic Opta 5711 PACO ST-45 Philco - see my Philco page Pilot AA904 Pilot FA-540 Pilot SA260 Revere 400 Setchell Carlson RP-91 Sherwood S-1060 Sherwood S-4000 Sonora 171 Stromberg Carlson (on my Made in Rochester page) Truetone D1846 Zenith
KNIGHT KN-315 (412)This seller accepts PayPal Buy It Now or Best Offer $4.
Knight KN-724A, is really a stereo version of the mono Knight KM-15? The KM-15 was the kit part number, I don't know what the assembled