Style : German-Style Kölsch/Köln-Style Kölsch
Location : United States - Missouri
Brewery : Schlafly

Facts about Kölsch Style Ale

Kölsch Style Ale Bad Penny Brown Ale Hell’s Belle Belgian Blond Ale D’ICER Blanco Diablo Wit Ale High Roller IPA Blackthorn Blackthorn Cider Sir Perry Blue Moon Brewing Co. Rising Moon Blue Point Brewing Co.
Kölsch style ale which I gather was released earlier this month.
Kölsch Style Ale A very light golden ale that is malty sweet, almost honey-like in the nose. This ale has a light to medium body and a very delicate flavor.
Kölsch Style Ale Dinner – 7:00pm Cheddar Beer Soup Grilled Chistora Sausage & Gaufrette Potatoes Four Peaks 8th Street Ale Crisp Pork Belly Mascarpone Polenta & Pickled Peach Salad Four Peaks Arizona Peach Ale Kilt Lifter-Braised Short Rib Pea Purée, Carrots & Marrow Four Peaks Kilt Lifter Stilton Cheese Barleywine Macerated Fruit, Endive & Beer Nuts Four Peaks Hopsquatch Barleywine Dessert Chef Pell’s Assorted Desserts Four Peaks Hefeweizen
Kölsch Style Ale and Boatilla Amber Ale, both of which are also sold at local bars and liquor stores, and a porter that is in development in advance of a limited-edition release this fall.
Kölsch Style Ale from Lightning Brewery, a 2-year-old European-style brewery in Poway. Each is its brewer's top seller. James Crute, founder and head brewer at Lightning Brewery, has a theory about the burgeoning popularity of kölsch-style beers.