Style : Barley Wine-Style Ale
Location : United States - Oregon
Brewery : Wild Duck

Facts about Imperial Sasquatch

Imperial Sasquatch * Milk of Amnesia * Sasquatch's Old Ale * ... plus many more.
Imperial Sasquatch American Strong Ale ? 4.
Imperial Sasquatch: Of course Jamie HAD to make an Imperial. Beautiful dark appearance topped by a wonderful soapy tan head.
Imperial Sasquatch from the Wild Duck in the past. To give reference Glen was a very close friend and hero of mine.
Imperial SasquatchBarley Wine-Style Ale * Date: April 19, 2001 (#3820)Package: bottledPlace: from the breweryScore: 16 pointsOverall Impression Deep deep red, thick head.
Imperial Sasquatch: Of the five collaborators, this was the only imperial version. According to the face of Ninkasi, Jamie Floyd, this one was closest to Falconers original recipe.
Imperial Sasquatch he made in honor of the late Glen Falconer. "It's exactly the old recipe he used to brew back in the Wild Duck days," said Floyd.
Imperial Sasquatch Tapping Beer Tasting / Release - Old Chicago - Portland, Oregon 1 Off Centered Film Fest - Short Films Beer Festival - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Lake Creek - Austin, Texas 1
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