Style : Barley Wine-Style Ale
Location : United States - Delaware
Brewery : Dogfish Head

Facts about Immort Ale

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Immort Ale - ABV: 11% IBU’s: 40 Dogfish Head Brewery Vast in character; luscious & complex. Brewed with peat-smoked barley, this strong ale is brewed with organic juniper berries, vanilla & maple syrup.
Immort Ale from Dogfish Head in Delaware - Yellow Snow Ale from Rogue Ales in Oregon - Burning River Pale Ale from Great Lakes Brewing in Ohio - Monkey Knife
Immort Ale, and Raison d'Etre. www.dogfish.
immort ale, and burton baton... the 4pack is 15.00 these are all for sale as collectibles, the contents are irrelevant. YOU Are Buying for the collectible value only.
Immort Ale in Robinson.
Immort Ale as comparision is a great base taste to start with.
Immort Ale Dogfish Head Immort Ale 77A complex and very enjoyable, red-orange beer that delivers in body, taste and strength. Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron Tastingbeers.
Immort Ale Burton Baton My Antonio Namaste Old School (2010) 60 90 Randall with maple soaked chipotles that's right chipotles ( I think Jeff has officially lost
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Immort Ale, which is brewed with juniper berries, vanilla and maple syrup.
Immort Ale The description on the label says, "Vast in character, luscious and complex, this smooth, full-bodied ale reveals interwoven notes of maple, vanilla, and oak.
Immort Ale
Immort Ale goblets and tons of 4 oz. tasting glasses from attending festivals.
Immort Ale & Terrapin Wake N Bake. Enjoy Wake N Bake with Ores Ice Cream Float or as Depth Charge with Espresso.
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Immort Ale, Miles Davis/Bitches Brew, Pearl Jam, Ta Henket, and World Wide Stout) @Washington House, Sellersville, Pa.- Fri.
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Immort Ale had juniper berries in it. I SWEAR everytime I would have 2 everything that I looked at that was white had a blueish purple tinge to it.
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