Style : European-Style Pilsener
Location : United Kingdom - Scotland
Brewery : BrewDog

Facts about Hop Rocker

Hop Rocker and Great White respectively, more feathers in a cap that’s already so feathery they could stuff a mattress with it.
Hop Rocker and Great White respectively. Mac's Gold — The perennial favourite and the beer that made Mac's famous. A refreshingly crisp, lightly hopped 4% golden lager.
Hop Rocker, and I think I might get that next time. Well when I'm over that way. I had a look at Dan's but they aren't stocking it.
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hop rocker is also in talks with labels... FyeBoy + Machine Gun Kelly LIVE In Jacksonville, FL Jan.
Hop Rocker? I was in NZ for the weekend and went to a Macs neighbourhood bar in Kingsland (Auckland). The Hop Rocker on tap was etremely good.
hop rocker! :) * ▶ Reply * JRPermalink Reply by JR on January 29, 2010 at 10:00pm Yeah thats where I pinched it from.
Hop Rocker, is launching a defamation case against the Portman Group over comments made by chief executive David Poley.
Hop Rocker – were investigated by the group after research into irresponsible drinks promotions identified the three products as being among 32 which might breach its code of
-hop rocker Mushroom, which deals with a total annihilation. This time the band go evil as any Krautrock band could get into pasaging trouble than Faust.
Hop Rocker and Rip Tide, were found to have breached marketing rules in a provisional decision by the Portman Group, a self-regulating industry body.
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Hop Rocker - Pilsener (6 x 330ml Bottles)
Hop Rocker - Pilsener (6 x 330ml Bottles) Macs Hop Rocker - Pilsener (6 x 330ml Bottles)
Hop rockerDON SCOTT/THE PRESSHOP TO IT: Mac's Hop Rocker will give an idea of the effects of hops and yeasts.