Style : Specialty Honey Lager or Ale
Location : United States - Virginia
Brewery : Coors (Shenandoah)

Facts about Honey Moon Summer Ale

Honey Moon Summer Ale is a classic summer ale made even better with real clover honey, fresh orange peel and both pale and white wheat malts.
Honey Moon Summer Ale (Blue Moon Brewing Company) - Specialty Honey Beer - OE 800 - International-Style Pilsner
Honey Moon Summer Ale (the sweetest of the seasons), Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale (any beer with a pumpkin undertone can do no wrong in my opinion), and Full Moon Winter Ale (perhaps the
Honey Moon Summer Ale, Rising Moon Spring Ale, Honeymoon Summer Ale, Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale, Full Moon Winter Ale, Belgian White, Related
Honey Moon Summer Ale Aug 3 Posted by Lumpy in Reviews | No Comments Name: Honey Moon Summer Ale Brewer: Molson Coors Brewing Style: American Pale Wheat Ale Type: Seasonal
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Honey Moon Summer Ale, the winner of the gold medal in the Specialty Honey Lager or Ale category at the Great American Beer Festival 2006.
Honey Moon Summer Ale contains honey, too. Additional company email: "Molson Coors products do not contain any animal ingredients, or animal bi-products.
Honey Moon Summer Ale and a variety of wine selections.
Honey Moon Summer Ale, Coors and Coors Light– available for purchase at four locations around the event site.
Honey moon summer ale – wheat ale* (1) Chimay white – tripel (8) Keystone light – lager (2) Chimay blue – Belgian strong ale (9) Killians irish red
Honey Moon Summer Ale, Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale and Full Moon Winter Ale.
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Honey Moon Summer Ale I was just asking the guys about this beer today and how I had not been able to find it.
Honey Moon Summer Ale Smithwick's Bud Light Lime Bass Pale Ale TweetMcSorley Image contributed by: woopop Tasting Notes Please sign in to post comments about this beer and see your Beer Buddies' comments.
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Honey Moon Summer Ale – Blue Moon Brewing Co. A refreshing wheat with a orange twist and a dry, sweet finish. Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Honey Moon Summer Ale, Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale and Full Moon Winter Ale. Coors origin - USA The beer Adolph Coors first brewed in 1874.
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Honey Moon Summer Ale; Pale Moon Pale Ale; Rising Moon Spring Ale; Lakefront Brewery - also certified by the Star-K.
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