Style : Traditional German-Style Bock
Location : United States - Texas
Brewery : Salado Creek

Facts about Honey Bock

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Honey Bock, Both were very drinkable. The ot.her beers, including a Irish, a Pala, and a Stout were not bad, bur not great.
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Honey Bock and Fat Tire Amber Ale. 5 star ratingOverall Rating 19 out of 19 people found the review helpful.
Honey Bock Naturally sweet Clover Honey was added in the kettle accenting this pale bock's warm flavor notes on your tongue.
Honey Bock, Moonriver Brewery, Georgia It was the giant mounds of peanuts they had at their booth that initially stopped us.
Honey Bock its darn cheap at under $12 for a 24 pack, and tastes amazing... also its 5.
honey bock is one of the best bocks I have ever had!! Atmosphere A++++ * No_photo_small February 21, 2012 Likes it Phone.
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Honey Bock Results Since bottling the honey bock last month, I’ve tried a bottle last week and this week. While it is a very nice beer, the honey flavour is not very noticeable.
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Honey Bock for $9.49. We thought we were being economical, but let’s be honest, I’m sure the $3.00 we were saving went straight to McDonalds.
Honey Bock, Hanging Chad Ale, RoughRiders Amber Wheat, and Nitro Habu). And these were DAMN good beers, too.
HONEY BOCK BEER & LIME: Unisex! Perfectly pleasing blast of lime for those who like a twist to their brew! Real beer lover’s soap will intoxicate your senses! Natural light creamy tone.
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Honey Bock, Moon Man and Two Women. Q: You are the first woman to found and head a brewery in the U.S.
honey bock called Cabin Fever for stores this month. Come fall, watch for Back Forty Bock, a traditional Wisconsin bock.
honey bock and red bock that don't suck. About as good as Leinie's - maybe.
Honey Bock * Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale 2010 * Review – Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager Share This Post * *
Honey BockSpecialty Honey Beer * Date: July 12, 1998 (#2953)Package: bottledPlace: 1st Wines and Spirits, Allouez WIScore: 16 pointsOverall Impression Golden amber, moderate carbonation and head. Big honey aroma, perfumey.
Honey Bock outdid themselves with their hospitality, and we thank them for their generosity in hosting the picnic. GUN RAFFLE: Just a reminder about the special gun raffle for the Ruger .
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Honey Bock - like thinner, sweeter Newcastle brewed in a rusty metal bucket 3) Corona - just can't drink it, unless i'm completely gone 1. 6/25/2009 Dave O.