Style : American-Style India Pale Ale
Location : United States - Washington
Brewery : Leavenworth

Facts about Hodgson's IPA

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Hodgson's IPA American-Style India Pale Ale United States - Washington Leavenworth Hofblues Foreign (Export)-Style Stout Belgium - Antwerpen Hofbrouwerijke Hofbrauhaus Brewery & Biergarten Vienna Velvet Vienna-Style
Hodgson's IPA American-Style India Pale Ale United States - Washington 571 13 1994-10-22 Lefebvre Abbaye de Floreffe Double Belgian-Style Dubbel Belgium - Brabant Wallon 3470
Hodgson's IPAAmerican-Style India Pale Ale * Date: October 22, 1994 (#571)Package: draughtPlace: Great American Beer Festival, Denver COScore: 13 pointsOverall Impression
Hodgson's IPA (available only in taverns), an unfiltered ale it rates at 70 IBUs. Seasonally it offers Winterfish, which it considers an "extreme" IPA, also rated at 70 IBUs.
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Hodgson's IPA ultimately led to the building of Asia's first breweries.