Style : South German-Style Hefeweizen/Hefeweissbier
Location : United States - Minnesota
Brewery : Rock Bottom (Minneapolis)

Facts about HeiferWeizen

heiferweizen is an unfiltered wheat beer.
Heiferweizen Belgian Style Witbier Philadelphia's Steaks and Hoagies Portland Betsy Ross Imperial Golden Imperial Golden Ale Pike Brewing Co Seattle Pike IPA IPA Pyramid Breweries Portland Thunderhead IPA American Style IPA Redhook Ale Brewery Woodinville WA Long Hammer IPA IPA Rock Bottom Brewery Portland Velvet Pale Ale Pale Ale Russian River Brewing Co
Heiferweizen * Heineken Light * Hirter Morchl * Hofbrau Bock by Trader Joe's * Honey Wheat Ale * Hop Czar * Hop Devil
Heiferweizen Flying Dog Raging Bitch Fort Collins Chocolate Stout Goose Island 312 Great Lakes Burning River Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold Harpoon Summer Beer Harpoon UFO Killian's Labatt Blue Magic Hat #9
Heiferweizen Wheat Beer Fat Heads Brewery: Bumbleberry, Hop Ju Ju, Goggle Fogger, Battle Axe Gordon Biersch: Summer Brau, Marzen, Hefeweizen Great Black Swamp Brewing Co: Bay
Heiferweizen Wheat Beer – a nice refreshing hefe from Elevator, one of their best * Fat Heads Brewery – no list yet,
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Heiferweizen: HAVE a Cow! - A logical, obvious pun on “heifeweizen”, this brew encourages the party set to let it all hang out. . .
Heiferweizen South German-Style Hefeweizen/Hefeweissbier India Pelican Ale American-Style India Pale Ale Kiwanda Cream Ale Golden or Blonde Ale MacPelican Wee Heavy Scottish-Style Heavy Ale
Heiferweizen, I think, was the beer he really enjoyed and I've found it available at a handful of upperscale restaurants.
Heiferweizen Elevator Mogabi Elevator XTRA Fat Heads Stone Age Imperial Stout Fat Heads Pack-A-Wallop Pale ale Fat Heads Bumbleberry Ale Fat Heads Headhunter IPA Flying Dog Raging *****
Heiferweizen Pulling Boat Pale Ale Hop Nest Monster Sasquatch Stout MAD RIVER BREWING (California) Steelhead series Double IPA MAGIC HAT (Vermont) Year round
Heiferweizen Hop Nest Monster Sasquatch Stout MAGIC HAT (Vermont) Year round #9 Circus Boy Seasonal Vinyl (Spring) Wacko (Summer) Hex (Fall) Howl