Style : South German-Style Hefeweizen/Hefeweissbier
Location : United States - California
Brewery : BJ's (Vacaville)

Facts about Harvest Hefeweizen

HARVEST HEFEWEIZEN (This was a very tasty beer. We both thought it complimented the flavor of the grilled shrimp.
Harvest Hefeweizen - Call me a beer noob, but I've never had a hefeweizen this clovey before.
Harvest Hefeweizen Blue Moon CO-BLUM-1 Denver Belgian White Ale, Honey Blonde Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Raspberry Cream Ale Boulder Brewing Co CO-ROCK-5
Harvest Hefeweizen and near the end of the month they will be releasing their smoked porter and Monkeyshine Weizenbock (one of the beers being taken to GABF, along with the Full
Harvest Hefeweizen BJ's - Harvest Hefeweizen Not just another wheat beer. Our hefeweizen is fermented with authentic Bavarian weizen yeast to produce its unique flavor profile... "I love this Bavarian style Hefeweizen.
Harvest Hefeweizen, Jeremiah Red, Nutty Brewnette (American Brown), PM Porter, Piranha Pale Ale, and BJ's Blonde (the website suggests this is a Kolsch, but it tastes like a "lite" beer to me :).
Harvest Hefeweizen should be on your list (but stop putting those goddamn lemons in it; it's not a fucking fruit salad).
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Harvest Hefeweizen Wheat Beer, Light Switch Light Lager, and Brewhouse Blonde Lager Beer.
Harvest Hefeweizen was my overall favorite. Service was outstanding and we were very happy with the overall experience.
Harvest Hefeweizen Had this beer? USA 57.55 d 4.
Harvest Hefeweizen Oxnard Ventura Silver B J's Rest & Brewery Oxnard American Pale Ale XPA Oxnard Ventura Silver B J's Rest & Brewery Oxnard Olde Ale Jeremiah Red
Harvest Hefeweizen has the expected wheaty nose, but it is very subtle.
Harvest Hefeweizen and the best starter was the Avacado Spring Rolls. The pizza was good as well. Their beers have won numerous national awards. The staff were very friendly and helpful.
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Harvest Hefeweizen Micro Craft Bier Beer Coaster Mat BJS Brewing Company Harvest Hefeweizen Micro Craft Bier $1.33 Time Remaining: 4d 12h 3m Buy It Now for only: $1.