Style : American-Style Amber/Red Ale
Location : United States - Illinois
Brewery : Flatlander's

Facts about Harvest Amber Ale

Harvest Amber Ale – Oaked! by JeremySeptember 22, 2008, 12:00 am Filed under: amber ale, beer Last night, I moved the Gowanus American Harvest Amber Ale off the oak to finish secondary (tertiary?).
Harvest Amber Ale is represented, pitifully, by the half-ounce of fresh hops I pulled off the garden this season. I say pitifully, because that’s the entire harvest.
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Harvest Amber Ale and Wabash Hazy Days Wheat Ale. Yes, the Gangster Pale Ale appears to feature John Dillinger, though a hat covers his eyes.
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Harvest Amber Ale (Indiana) A Beer Geek Alternative to Newcastle: He'Brew Messiah Bold - As with the other beers on this list, Messiah Bold is a fuller flavored beer.
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Harvest Amber Ale American-Style Amber/Red Ale United States - Illinois 2636 16 1998-04-04 Harrison's Wheat Light American Wheat Beer with Yeast United States - Illinois 7883
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