Style : Light American Wheat Ale or Lager with Yeast
Location : United States - New Jersey
Brewery : Ship Inn

Facts about Golden Wheat Light

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Golden Wheat LightLight American Wheat Beer with Yeast * Date: January 21, 2003 (#4611)Package: draughtPlace: at the
Golden Wheat Light Golden Blonde Light Reddish Brown Medium Auburn Palest Blonde Strawberry Blonde Show More * Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mineral Conditioner 8.5 Oz * Rusk Sensories Wellness Heal Conditioner 13.
Golden Wheat Light, the bees-waxed bittersweet treat will have heads floating like butterflies.
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Golden Wheat Light Light American Wheat Ale or Lager with Yeast United States - New Jersey Ship Inn Goldenshine American-Style Pale Ale United States -
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