Style : South German-Style Hefeweizen/Hefeweissbier
Location : Ireland
Brewery : Franciscan Well

Facts about Friar Weisse

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Friar Weisse (The Franciscan) Tipologia: Wheat (grano) Colore: paglierino Nazione di provenienza: Irlanda Fuller's Golden Pride Tipologia:
Friar Weisse, Cork's finest wheat beer! | Irish Product On tap at the Franciscan Well, Cork, Ireland – http://www.franciscanwellbrewery.
Friar Weisse, Cork’s finest wheat beer! - Friar Weisse, Cork’s finest wheat beer! Friar Wiesse German style Weisse beer (4.
Friar Weisse brewed by Russell Garret of Franciscan Well Brewery A debate followed to decide which of the beers should be crowned overall winner.
Friar Weisse South German-Style Hefeweizen/Hefeweissbier Ireland Franciscan Well Friars IPA American-Style India Pale Ale United States - California San Diego Frisian Black Lager German-Style Schwarzbier
Friar Weisse South German-Style Hefeweizen/Hefeweissbier Ireland 7967 14½ 2009-10-24 Carlow O'Hara's Celtic Stout Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout Ireland 7966 12½ 2009-10-24 Carlow O'Hara's Traditional Red Ale (formerly Moling's) Irish-Style Red Ale Ireland 7965 16½ 2009-10-24 Franciscan Well Rebel Red Irish-Style Red Ale Ireland 7964 17 2009-10-24 Franciscan Well Blarney Blonde Golden or
Friar Weisse Crane Lane Theatre, Cork City Rebel Red, Friar Weisse An Cruibin, Union Quay, Cork City Rebel Red, Friar Weisse Fionnbarra, Douglas Street, Cork City Blarney Blond, Friar Weisse, Rebel Red The Franciscan Well Brewpub,
Friar Weisse kvasnicové, pšeničné Cork 1333 Irsko 4,4% Galway Hooker Pala Ale Roscommon Town 1334 Irsko 4,3% Trouble Brewing ovocné Dublin Allenwood 1335 Irsko 4,3%
Friar Weisse wheat and the robust Rebel Red are excellent house choices (about 4.50 euros a pint).
Friar Weisse in the enormous beer garden at the back. Around Easter and October they host an international beerfest with beers from all over the world.
Friar Weisse (Wheat Beer) ABV 4.
Friar Weisse Wheat Beer, Lighthouse Lager, Rebel Red, Blarney Blonde and Shandon Stout. We decided to order 3 pints of Blarney Blonde and they were lovely.
(Friar Weisse) and regularly host club and society events in the summer.
Friar Weisse A unique yeast strain gives this wheat beer a unique flavour, a testament to the craftsmen of Cork's Franciscan Well Brewery.
Friar Weisse, the Rebel Red and the Shandon Stout aside, at least for this visit, I went for the Blarney Blond.
Friar Weisse Wheat Beer Rating Avg: 3.11 No. of Ratings: 19 Copyright
Friar Weisse Wheat Beer = Score 58 81 OVERALL
Friar Weisse Non Cask 0.5 Franciscan Well Purgatory Ale Cask 2 Franciscan Well Raging Bull Non Cask 0.
Friar Weisse Non Cask 1.5 Fowlers Gothenburg Porter 1.5 Four Rivers Moondance 1.5 Flyman & Firkin Firkin Mild 1.5 Flounder & Firkin Dark Oat Ale 1.
Friar Weisse and Writers Red (which I'm fairly sure is Rebel Red) on tap.