Style : German-Style Strong Doppelbock
Location : United States - Vermont
Brewery : McNeill's

Facts about Exterminator Doppelbock

Exterminator Doppelbock German-Style Strong Doppelbock Tell Us Whats on Tap! Well, there are no photos yet, so how about the weather near Mcneills Brewery instead...
Exterminator Doppelbock, Old Ringworm and McNeill’s Tartan Ale, all at about 8.5%. A limited amount of bourbon barrel-aged Old Ringworm will be pouring at McNeill’s Pub in Brattleboro.
Exterminator Doppelbock Mia and Pias Irrigator Dopplebock Michelsbr
Exterminator DoppelbockGerman-Style Strong Doppelbock * Date: September 27, 1996 (#1693)Package: draughtPlace: Great American Beer Festival, Denver COScore: 15½ pointsOverall Impression
Exterminator Doppelbock /Mc Neill's Brewery, usa Mc Scotter's Scottisch Ale /usa Mc Tarnahan /usa Mc Two /Schweppes, Dld Mc Queen's Nessie /Mc Queens Brewery, oost Mechelschen Bruynen /Br Riva, Bel Mechelschen Emmer /Br 't Anker, Bel Mechelse Reuzenbier /Br 't Anker, Bel Mechelsen Bruynen /Br 't Anker, Bel Mechlina /Br het Anker, Bel Medalla Light /puerto r Medewerkersbier 1998 /-1998, Br Boelens, Bel Medewerkersbier 1999 /-1999, Br Boelens, Bel Medewerkersbier 24 uur 1996 /-1996, Br de Regenboog, Bel Medieval Rose de Remparts /-1998, Br La Binchoise, Bel Medios /-1985, Br de Dolle Brouwers, Bel Medios Bier /-1985, Br de Dolle Brouwers, Bel Meditterranea /Br Lefebvre, Bel Meerseldreef /-1987, Br Sterkens, Bel Meesters Bier /Br Meester, Bel Meeuwenbier /Br Haacht, Bel Meeuwken /-1991, Br Piessens, Bel Mega Malt Premium Classic /Br Oranjeboom, Hol Meguaha /voorm joe Mehana Beer /Mehana Brewing, usa Mehana Red Ale /Mehana Brewing, usa Mei Bockbier /-1994, Maaslandse Bierbrouwerij, Hol Mei Y Bier /-1988, Br 't IJ, Hol Mei Y Bier De Plantage /-1988, Br 't IJ, Hol Meibok /Br Moerenburg, Hol Meibok /Scheldebrouwerij, Hol Meibok /Br St Servattumus, Hol Meibok /Tesselse Bierbrouwerij, Hol Meibock /Huisbrouwerij Domus, Bel Meibock /Br Maxiximiliaan, Hol Meibock /Br Onder de Linden, Hol Meijestijd /Br de Proef, Bel Meiresonne Celta Pils /-1975, Gesloten Brasserie Meiresonne in Gent, Bel Meister Extra Lager /-1994, Gesloten Br van Roy, Bel Meister Pils /Schwabenbrau, Dld Meister Brau Dortmunder Typ /-1994 gesloten Br
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Exterminator Doppelbock German-Style Strong Doppelbock United States - Vermont McNeill's Extra Münchner-Style Helles Germany - Bayern Hasen-Bräu Extra Hopped Honey Gold Specialty Honey Lager or Ale United States - Nebraska Empyrean
Exterminator Doppelbock German-Style Strong Doppelbock United States - Vermont 1693 15½ 1996-09-27 Meantime Scotch Ale Traditional Strong Scotch Ale United Kingdom - London 8229 16½ 2010-05-18 Meantime India Pale Ale English-Style India Pale Ale United Kingdom - London 6292