Style : English-Style India Pale Ale
Location : United Kingdom - Kent
Brewery : Swale

Facts about East India IPA

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East India IPAEnglish-Style India Pale Ale * Date: March 1, 2002 (#4262)Package: real alePlace: Real Ale Festival, Chicago ILScore: 14½ pointsOverall Impression Golden, low head. Sweet fresh malt aroma.
East India IPA @Fox and Hound567 East India IPA568 PBR 24 oz can at Maeve's ResidualsThe Mystery Ninja, 77-85The human body tells you things when it absolutely must.
East India IPA and, Gold in Speciality beers for our ginger infused ‘Gold’ bitter.
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East India IPA that is served straight from the barrel here is one of the loveliest beers I've tasted, and at
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East India IPA /The Swale Brewery co, GB Swale Whitsrable Oyster Stout /The Swale Brewery co, GB Swan /-1989, Br Artois, Bel Swan Special Light Beer /onder licentie gebrouwen door Interbrew, Bel Swan Lager /Swan Brewery, aus Swarte Schaep /Brouwerij de Snaterende Arend, Hol Sweelies Beer /-1990, Gesloten Brouwerij Raaf te Heumen in 1994, Hol Sweet Sussex Stout /Harvey's Brewery, GB Sweet Water 420 Extra Pale Ale /Sweetwater Brewing co, usa Sweet Water Pronghorn /Sweetwater Brewing co,
East India IPA and Gold in Speciality beers for the ginger-infused 'Gold' bitter. 2012 will see a major expansion programme.
East India IPA Clone? - Hello, I've serached but haven't found one yet. Looking for a partial mash or extract clone of Brooklyn's East India IPA.
East India IPA and Schlafly Pilsner at the Covington location.
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East India IPA- This English style 6.9% ABV ale is modeled after the original IPAs that made the trek from England to India way back in the mid 1800s.
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East India IPA thing, India Black Ale (or American Black Ale) is actually conceived of right here in the USA.
East India IPA 8 Fitz & Firkin Fitz 6.5 Fitz & Firkin Great Titchfield 1 Fitz & Firkin Scotch Heavy 1 Fitz & Firkin Warren 0.5 Five Towns Tiger 0.
East India IPA 4 Finnock & Firkin Finnock Ale 4 Exe Valley Devon Summer 4 Everards Buddings Bitter 4 Dublin Becketts Dublin Beer 4 Donnington BB 4 Dent T'owd Tup 4 Dark